Saturday, August 29, 2015

Archaeology-related mystery/thriller books - Amazon Kindle

The Anson Hunter series - fiction's Egyptologist, who battles dangers from the ancient past as well as modern day conspiracies that take their impetus from ancient Egypt:-

The Smiting Texts
Hathor's Holocaust 
The Ibis Apocalypse 
The Night of Anubis
 Egypt Eyes
The Forbidden Glyphs
The God Dig 
 The Girl and the God Dog (navella)

(Mythological thrillers - trilogy)
The Egyptian Mythology Murders 
The Obelisk Prophecy
The Egyptian Crocodile Curse (NEW)

Or stand-alone fiction such as
I, The Mummy
Text messages from Eternity The Ra Virus Warning
Cleopatra: Tomb of the Undead Queen
Egypt Trap
Dynasty Zero
Cyber Egypt
Ancient Visitors: The Egypt Enigma
MURDERS By The Gods 
A Golden Target. 'Tutankhamun is missing'

and more...