Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Beyond finding Nefertiti - a startling Cleopatra tomb theory.

In the tradition of The Egyptian Mythology Murders

Imagine if Cleopatra took poison (like Shakespeare's Juliet) that merely gave her the ‘borrow’d likeness of shrunk death’... to escape Augustus and find a secret eternal resting place beside her beloved Antony... but did she find rest there?  

Revelation, mythology and ancient evil in a startling adventure.

A group of mysteriously chosen investigators is brought together and driven blindfolded in Land Cruisers to a lost site in Egypt…

An historical fantasy writer, a young female Egyptologist, a cold-case detective, a documentary film-maker, an historical scholar…

Then the darkness turns deadly.

The sanctuary of an immortal queen.

Mortal dangers for those who penetrate its secrets.