Monday, September 14, 2015

"EGYPT TRAP" Crime with a twist of Egypt mystery

Keep an eye on a mysteriously obsessed young wife visiting the archaeology sites of Egypt? How hard could that be?
A damaged ex-detective is hired to shadow a girl with painted eyes on a trip to Egypt…
Is she leading him step by step into a murder conspiracy and the mystery of a lost ancient Egyptian queen?

Dan Loader reluctantly accepts the job. A damaged, former-detective from a police Art and Antiques unit, he is already traumatised by an ordeal at the hands of antiquity traffickers. Yet he desperately needs something to help him hold his life together and following the girl looks like a soft surveillance task, more so as he becomes increasingly drawn to her.
Rich, independent Kate Barnsdale is a beautiful, haunting young woman surrounded by an unmistakeable aura of ancient Egypt. Her obsession with a lost, mythic Queen from Egypt’s 6th Dynasty seems to be taking over her life.
When she insists on travelling to Egypt alone to follow her mysterious urgings, her husband hires Dan to shadow her secretly and watch over her.
But is Dan being drawn step by step into a murder conspiracy that involves the secret of a mythic queen from Egypt’s ancient past?
Crime and suspense with the mystery twist of ancient Egypt.

New edition release (formerly The Egypt Eye case)