Wednesday, September 30, 2015

ULTIMATE IMMERSION in ancient Egypt's mystery and dangers... 'Virtual Eternity Egypt'

A dangerous game, fiction that hits the ground running

Immerse yourself in a hi-tech underworld of the mysterious past on AMAZON KINDLE

Eight very different people are chosen to road test ‘VIRTUAL ETERNITY’, an ancient Egyptian virtual reality simulator housed in a complex on the estate of tech billionaire Brandon Viking, a lifelong lover of Egypt’s past.

Each wears a tag – Sage, Robber, Scribe, Prophetess, Gamer, Soldier, Priest, and Neophyte. They must race through the twelve hours and zones of the ancient Egyptian underworld night to reach the end of the journey before dawn, but only if they can survive hideous dangers along the way.

Then, shockingly, a journeyer is killed... really killed, it seems.

They are in a race against time and a struggle against the guardians and monsters of the underworld as well as against each other.

Enthralling adventure novella that hits the ground running.

‘VIRTUAL ETERNITY EGYPT' – A journey through ancient Egypt’s underworld - shocking reality, or deadly Virtual Reality?