Sunday, November 8, 2015

Legend of the undiscovered Great Egyptian Labyrinth persists in the news

Enter ancient Egypt's Lost Labyrinth (The Smiting Texts)

Lost beneath the sands... a maze with 1500 underground chambers - a structure once said to be more impressive than the pyramids

The Great Labyrinth is in the news again:

Researchers confirm: Giant Ancient Egyptian underground Labyrinth exists and could rewrite history

This structure, in its time considered more impressive than the pyramids, is at the heart of my archaeological thriller "The Smiting Texts"

THEY MOVED carefully through the next section of the labyrinth.

The passage abruptly widened into a cavern filled with water. They saw two lakes, like large swimming pools, one shaped like a stomach, the other like the liver. The water, stale and brackish, looked as dark as oil slicks. They went around them.

Scatterings of yellowed bones encrusted the edges of the lakes.

“Crocodiles,” Anson said. “The reptiles lived down here once. Perhaps the priests fed them, drawing them here along a secret channel that once linked up with ancient Lake Moeris.”

They circled the lakes.

Did something still live there? What would it be? He pictured saurian eyes, slivered like moons, breaking the surface of the water to watch them, then a crocodile head emerging, and then a body, but not the body of a reptile, but a slab-chested man, streaming water. Half man, half crocodile. Sobek.

They reached another passage that opened up around them into a vestibule and then passed into a vast porticoed hall.

It was a hall that represented the chest cavity of the god. It was also a treasure chest of staggering proportions.

“Dear God of our Fathers!” the Coptic monk Daniel said in a gasp.

“Out of the magic of its gold, heaven was born,” Anson said.

They were looking at the amassed hoard of the Neteru.

first in the Anson Hunter fiction series.