Thursday, January 7, 2016

"Description is useless" - German archaeologist who found Nefertiti

(Excerpt from new adventure fiction 'TEXT MESSAGES FROM ETERNITY'  - Amazon Kindle)

The array of masks, heads and statues in the unmistakable Amarna style of art was enough of a clue in the studio, but what stopped his breath was the sight of a glowing polychrome bust standing on a bench. The artist was adding colour with a gypsum lacquer to the base of the bust from which rose a spectacular neck and crowned head with high cheek boned face and wide floating eyebrows. Both dark crystal eyes were in place, he noted, unlike the display in Berlin’s Neues Museum.
Nefertiti’s iconic bust.

Here was a spectacle of art history than no one in the future would ever see, not even its later discoverer, German excavator Borchardt, who declared it to be “the epitome of tranquillity and harmony. Description is useless. You can only see it.”

Lucas was seeing it, and marveling.

He was standing in the same room as ancient world’s Mona Lisa.

She would be taken from an excavated spot in the studio floor to Germany where Hitler would have dreams about her and refuse to hand her back to Egypt and she would later be stored in a salt mine during the Second World War to protect her from the Red Army.

The master sculptor broke away from his work to greet Tehuti who introduced him to visitors from Thebes.

The Michelangelo of ancient Egypt was himself a composed and tranquil man in a short wig.

Lucas gestured to the bust.

“Will this beautiful sculpture go into the royal palace?”

The artist gave a smile at the idea and shook his head.

“It is a model head, no more. I have fashioned it for other artists to follow.”

The sublime work of art was just a template!