Thursday, March 10, 2016

Jesus was a child refugee in Egypt... the target of time-travel abductors in THE RETRONAUTS

Egypt’s Coptic religion believes that The Holy Family lived and traveled around Egypt as refugees and fugitives for around five to seven years.

What was the boy like? Did he make the stone idols of Egypt tremble and topple before him as the Coptic tradition tells?

Meet him in "THE RETRONAUTS Egypt Jump".

A pair of time-travellers makes the greatest leap of faith in history, to save history and all that we believe in.

Sci-fi, ancient history and time-travel novella with a startling twist and revelation.

Drones... assassins… time-travel attackers with assault weapons search the ancient Nile… their target a boy king in Egypt.

At stake, the future of civilization and the belief systems of the world.

Standing in their way, two retronauts, Salome and Callen.

They must stop an abduction that could affect billions of lives.