Wednesday, March 16, 2016

More than 10 Plagues of Egypt? "THE PHARAOH PLAGUES" (amazon Kindle)

Amenhotep III, father of Akhenaten, constructed hundreds of statues to placate Sekhmet, the Lady of Pestilence  

“What hit this place?” Lucas said, looking around at the untidy array of tombs like open mouths in the ground. It was a sign of unplanned and therefore hasty burials. He had seen a pattern of excavation like this before at Amarna where an outbreak of bubonic plague had struck the population in the reign of the pharaoh Akhenaten.

“I knew you’d be here like a shot when I told you about it. The theory that some kind of pestilence struck Malkata and Thebes in the reign of Amenhotep III is now looking to be true.”
The temple of Mut at Karnak and many of the great museums of the world were proof of it. In a bid to ward off a pandemic, Amenhotep had feverishly produced hundreds upon hundreds of statues of the lioness goddess Sekhmet, seen as the spreader of pestilence and the vengeful eye of Ra. He was attempting to placate her and ward off a terrible blight... 

Excerpt from THE PHARAOH PLAGUES (Amazon Kindle fiction)

This novel places Egypt's Plagues and The Exodus in the reign/s of Amenhotep and Akhenaten. Is there new substantiation for this in a recent news report?

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