Sunday, March 6, 2016

Spot the Missing Egyptian Mummy in these Movie Posters?

At last, a legendary female mummy in THE EGYPTIAN MYTHOLOGY MURDERS (AMAZON KINDLE fiction)

"I love this genre" - Amazon UK 5 star, "The Egyptian Mythology Murders" 


The radiation scan - at a dose lethal for the living - blasted through her linen windings. It was like a penetration of sunlight warming the bones after the ache of the desert night.

The CT machine hummed. A spinning cylinder curved around the mummy’s head like a night sky arching over Egypt.

The sand-dry cells of the body, spread out in an undulating landscape on the CT tray, stirred in a sudden breath.

Life! Resurgent life! It eddied, thickened, mounted in force, blowing, gusting, then blasting through the mummy like a desert sand storm...