Friday, April 1, 2016

"Roy Lester Pond joins my favourite Egypt authors like Christian Jacq." Goodreads

"A furious pace keeps the reader engrossed."
New expanded issue: (formerly The Ra Virus, now includes The Aten Scourge)

Goodreads reader review:

"This is a novella set in Ancient Egypt with a twist. Lucas Burrows is an epidemiologist who is is in Modern Day Egypt assisting an archaeological team. Lucas is at the archaeological site along with his girl friend, a well known Egyptologist Giulietta.

While exploring the site, Lucas disappears through a trapdoor and is presumed lost. But Lucas is mysteriously transported to the same site, now in Ancient Egypt is a bit of going through a temporal warp or simply, time travel. If you cannot handle this, go no further and seek other genre of books.

If you are reading this, I presume you can handle a little bit of SciFi and give the author some literary leeway.

One day, a modern day message appears at the dig site apparently from ancient times. The message warns of an ancient pathogen likely to create havoc in modern times as well. There is a possibility that the message was from Lucas trying to warn folks in the modern day.

This novel is all about Lucas's adventure in ancient Egypt. The author maintains a furious pace all through... keeping the reader engrossed. Very readable... Roy Lester Pond joins my list of favorite authors dealing with Ancient Egypt like Christian Jacq."

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