Friday, April 29, 2016

“Underneath Egypt is ancient Egypt”. Modern thriller series takes you there.

Statement of the obvious, or a heady reminder of the hidden mysteries beneath your feet?
I think about it every time I visit Egypt to research my novels.

“Underneath Egypt is ancient Egypt.”

It sounds like a statement of the obvious, but for me it’s a heady reminder of the hidden. 
What mysteries lie beneath, buried by thousands of years of drift sand and detritus?

It makes me imagine the soles of my shoes are ground-penetrating electrodes. (Or wish they were.)

This is what inspires me to explore with the tools of fact (research) and the imagination.

Is there still a Great Lost Labyrinth to be found? (As dramatised in “The Smiting Texts”.)

Is there a ‘holocaust sun’ of Sekhmet-Hathor lying hidden, ready to trigger disaster? (‘The Hathor Holocaust’.)

Is there a forbidden stone Book of Thoth, a Destiny Stela, hidden in a sanctuary beneath the sands as revealed in ‘The Ibis Apocalypse’?

And of course, under ancient Egypt, there is yet another layer, the underworld of Egypt, another mythological element that tantalizes me and lies beneath the surface of my ancient Egypt adventure thrillers.