Thursday, October 6, 2016

MUSEUM THERAPY A boy, an Egyptologist grandfather, a dig in the sands of forgetfulness

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Can a grandson save an old archaeologist’s secrets from the sands of forgetfulness?

“Museum visits are an acknowledged therapy in cases of early dementia,” they said.

Boyd’s grandfather was once a famous Egyptologist and museum curator, but now his memory has crumbled like the ruins of ancient Egypt.

Young Boyd refuses to let him become a relic. He vows to dig up his grandfather’s lost memories by going with him each day to the Egyptian galleries of the museum.

They play mind games and hide and seek among the statues and mummies. It’s a hoot for both of them. Grumpy zips around in a motorised wheelchair like Professor Stephen Hawking, which makes him kind of cool, Boyd thinks.

But what if Grumpy has forgotten a secret discovery that the world desperately wants to uncover?