Sunday, October 30, 2016

OPENING: He had come to welcome her back from the dead...

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Excerpt opening...
Chapter 1

Sojourn in a tomb

He had come to welcome her back from the dead.

Today, after her time of self-imposed exile, Janet would emerge from the tomb entrance.

The thought stirred a fluttering inside him, bats’ wings of fear amidst the excitement. Had the experience changed her? It had changed him. He had felt dead every day that she had been away from him, so maybe this moment would be a resurrection for him too, he thought.

His eyes adjusted to the shadow at the entrance where he saw the familiar iron gate with a steel padlock barring his way. Still locked. It was there for security and to make sure she would not be disturbed. The tomb entrance, a darker shadow behind the bars, looked deep and drowning as a well.

No sign of movement.

No grateful and relieved call of ‘hello’ from the darkness.


The archaeologist’s voice funneled into the entrance and beat back.

Echoes from an empty tomb? But this tomb wasn’t empty, he thought. Janet, his archaeological partner, was in there. Why wasn’t Janet calling back, hurrying to the entrance to meet him?