Sunday, December 18, 2016

Who were THE OGDOAD, reptilian, alien-like creatures of ancient Egyptian creation mythology?

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Eight alien-looking deities.

Reptilian forebears.

Nun and Naunet, meaning ‘the Abyss’, Heh and Hauhet, meaning ‘Infinity and Formlessness’, Kek and Kauket, ‘Darkness’; Amun and Amaunet, ‘Hiddenness’, the four male gods in the Ogdoad represented with frogs’ heads, the four goddesses with snakes’ heads.

The Egyptians believed that before the world was formed, there was a watery mass of dark, directionless chaos. In this chaos lived the Ogdoad, four frog-headed gods and four snake-headed goddesses of chaos. The watery mass, without shape and form, had its echoes in the Biblical Genesis, while the reptilian progenitors of humankind had echoes of Darwinism and evolution. It was said that the energy created by their coupling created the primeval mound and the egg of creation. Following creation, the Ogdoad ruled the earth during a Golden Age. They then died and went to live in the Duat, or Underworld. 
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