Friday, January 20, 2017

We live in an age of IMAGE-ination. E-book imagery in my Egypt Fiction.

Print publishers can't afford costs of colour imagery to enhance the fiction reading experience like this
Snapshot of  a novel with IMAGE-ination

You're looking at a cross-section of one of my novels - 'The Egyptian Mythology Murders'. (#1in the trilogy.)

For me, it's almost impossible to divorce the image from the word in ancient Egypt - and consider this, Egypt's mysterious hieroglyphs are themselves a brilliant synthesis of the two.

A brilliant synthesis of word and images

That's why I like to include the potent mystery of Egyptian images - relics, archaeology, mythology - in some of my fiction writing.

Relics, archaeology, mythology

It makes for an even richer Egypt reading experience, I believe. 

Experience today's IMAGE-ination in Egypt fiction and see what you decide.