Wednesday, June 21, 2017

(Australian Excursion) Spotted the amazing and *dangerous Cassowary bird

On the road, writing in Australia - we spotted this extraordinary creature in tropical far north Queensland ignoring the dress code...

*National Parks caution on the cassowary.

Cassowary behaviour is unpredictable. Cassowaries can inflict serious injuries to people and pets by kicking with their large clawed feet.

  • Never approach cassowaries.
  • Never approach chicks - male cassowaries will defend them.
  • Never feed cassowaries - it is illegal, dangerous and has caused cassowary deaths.
  • Always discard food scraps in closed bins and ensure compost bins have secure lids.
  • Always slow down when driving in cassowary territory.
  • Never stop your vehicle to look at cassowaries on the road.
  • Keep dogs behind fences or on a leash.
If you come face-to-face with an aggressive bird, it's important to have some simple strategies to protect yourself. If you encounter a cassowary, back away slowly and put something like a tree or a backpack between yourself and the bird, and then let it go on its way.