Saturday, December 9, 2017


Imagine it...

The hijackers sent along the museum’s own printed exhibition catalogue as their demand note.

The cover said:


Gold Of The Golden Boy King

Inside, someone had scrawled in provocative red ink across a glossy blank page.

Yes, we have all of these things.

 Amazing things!

It was an echo of the exclamation of ecstasy uttered by Howard Carter as he first held a candle to a hole in the tomb wall and peered at the treasures beyond. A candle that would set fire to the world and light a mania for ancient Egypt. 

By now you will have learnt that a duplicate aircraft with fake museum crates has arrived in Los Angeles.

What do you do?
Wait for instructions.

The countdown to destruction - and your opening day - is underway.

PS Your catalogue hardly does justice to these treasures.

The catalogue, delivered to the Director of the California Science Center in Los Angeles by an anonymous courier, was a pirated copy taken ahead of time from the printers, trumpeting details of the blockbuster exhibition due to open in two weeks’ time. 

“It’s a demonstration of their complete control of the situation,” the Director said. “Designed to make our humiliation complete.” 

“Not to mention the US authorities. But who are they and what do they want? A king’s ransom, or a pharaoh’s? Are they antiquities criminals? Or is it ideologically driven? To pull this off might have required state collusion at some level, perhaps a hidden government conspiracy.”

"The biggest question, where is the missing plane now? In America or sitting on the tarmac in some foreign country?”

“Oh God,” the Director’s assistant said.


“I just had a flash of Kim Jong Un - the golden death mask pulled down over his chubby cheeks...”

It’s a scenario almost too scary to think about.

And for me, it’s a subject probably too scary to write a novel about.

So the book doesn’t exist yet, if ever, except in the darkness of my nightmares where the images are unspooling like a length of horror film.

In an age of ‘fake news', a fake book - ‘The Taking of Tutankhamun*’, the idea sparked by news of the biggest ever Blockbuster Tutankhamun Tour event debuting in Los Angeles in 2018.

Roy Lester Pond is the author of The Smiting Texts and possibly the world’s biggest range of Egypt-based fiction (Amazon Kindle and selected paperbacks).

* THE TAKING OF TUTANKHAMUN A blockbuster exhibition, a golden target © Roy Lester Pond 2018

Friday, December 8, 2017


‘Text Messages From Eternity’ tells the story of viral expert Lucas Burrows trapped in the ancient past in an age of a mysterious virus.

Was there a Ra-virus? An Aten Scourge?
Lucas, a physician and World Health Organisation expert on pandemics, must find its source and the antidote in time to save the ancient past and the future.
Especially when his lover, the lustrous Italian-born Egyptologist Giulietta, is exposed to the deadly contagion. Can he warn her in time and save her and can they ever hope to be reunited?

“Roy Lester Pond
joins my favourite Egypt authors like Christian Jacq.”

“A furious pace keeps the reader engrossed.”- Goodreads

Amazon Kindle

WELCOME to Ancient Egypt FICTION&Facts

A child obsessed with ancient Egypt. A young mother who discovers adventure...


Thursday, December 7, 2017

THE CORN MUMMY Egypt Horror 'Fear your vegetables'


Fear your vegetables...
Fear, murder and mythology in an enthralling novella.
A mysterious grain mummy is discovered buried in the desert outside a remote Egyptian oasis.
Its finder, Gaia, a young historical climatologist, dreams of saving the planet.
But what has she released into the world? Death strikes and fear grows as a violent sandstorm traps the archaeology team and throws a heavy responsibility on her admirer, young American archaeologist Bradley, second in charge of the project.
Could this be the revenge of the resurrection god against climate change and the destruction of our green planet?

THE IBIS APOCALYPSE. Forbidden power - the world's fate written in stone

Egypt adventure conspiracy thriller

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

NEW "EGYPT JUMP" 2 great SciFi Reads in One


Time terrorists plan to strike... to change history and western civilization. 
A pair of time-travellers makes the greatest leap of faith in history, to save history and all that we believe in.
Drones... assassins… time-travel attackers with assault weapons search the ancient Nile… their target a ‘boy king’ in Egypt.
Standing in their way, two retronauts, Salome and Callen.
They must stop an abduction that could affect billions of lives.
But who is the mysterious ‘boy king’ in ancient Egypt… and why have the enemy raiders targeted him?
Sci-fi, ancient history and time-travel novella with a startling twist and revelation.

“RUN... against a deadly gauntlet of the gods...”
Eight very different people are chosen to road test ‘CYBER EGYPT’, an ancient Egyptian virtual reality simulator housed in a complex on the estate of tech billionaire Brandon Drake, a lifelong lover of Egypt’s past.
Then, shockingly, a journeyer dies... really dies...
They are in a race against time and a struggle against the guardians and monsters of the underworld as well as against each other.
Enthralling action adventure fiction that hits the ground running.