Saturday, October 22, 2016

Trapped in ancient Egypt, he must rely on RA to power his laptop through a foldout solar panel...

A pandemics expert is trapped in ancient Egypt...

Habit came with you wherever you went, Lucas Burrows thought. He was an inveterate note maker and liked to keep a record of his work in the field, part medical report, part blog.

Field Report. Plague in the Reign Amenhotep III

The dry, sterile heat of the Egyptian desert preserves everything, so why not a hard drive?

Maybe at some time in the distant future, this laptop will be found by archaeologists and the record of a population disaster, and my nightmare intervention and investigation, will be revealed.

Who knows the future? (Well, I do, to some degree.)

If you are reading these notes, Giulietta, then they will be the longest and most elaborately hidden ones I have ever left.

It’s only been a day since we were last together, yet my gap of separation from you by a chasm of centuries makes me giddy with loneliness. I love you and miss you beyond my capacity to tell.

It’s almost unbearable to think that I cannot simply call you, or send you a text.

(Well, I have an idea about that. A long shot, but then I always said that the longer my notes took to ‘go off’ the better and this one may take over three thousand years.)

But on with the report.

The word epidemiology means ‘the study of what lies on the people’ and I am presently studying, yet failing to comprehend, the terrible outbreak that has visited the population here.

What novel pathogen are we dealing with? Virus? Bacteria? Where did it start? How is it transmitted? Clearly it is highly contagious.

It presents like porphyria, with acute photosensitivity, yet porphyria does not ravage populations, being genetically transmitted and occurring in no more that 1 in 50,000 people.

Is the virus or bacteria magnifying the production of some compound with exposure to the sun, causing severe illness, psychosis and ultimate fatality?

Those whom the gods wish to destroy they first make mad, the saying goes and a worrying symptom of the outbreak is mental instability.

How do the people account for the outbreak?

They see it as a judgment by the gods - specifically the sun god Ra - punishing Egypt for its capitulating to no less than the Habiru god of the desert - Yahweh.

Exodus really happened… Moses, the plagues and the whole cosmic drama unfolded right here and these people lived through it.

And now, on the tail of these cataclysmic events, they are smitten by an eleventh plague, perhaps the most deadly of all…


Friday, October 21, 2016

Alzheimers, Dementia and Egyptian Museum Visits "A warm and quirky tale of 2 generations"

New release - on Amazon Kindle Can a young grandson save an old archaeologist’s secrets from the sands of forgetfulness?
“Museum visits are an acknowledged therapy in cases of early dementia,” they said.

Boyd’s grandfather was once a famous Egyptologist and museum curator, but now his memory has crumbled like the ruins of ancient Egypt.

Young Boyd refuses to let him become a relic. He vows to dig up his grandfather’s lost memories by going with him each day to the Egyptian galleries of the museum.

They play mind games and hide and seek among the statues and mummies. It’s a hoot for both of them. Grumpy zips around in a motorised wheelchair like Professor Stephen Hawking, which makes him kind of cool, Boyd thinks.

But what if Grumpy has forgotten a secret discovery that the world desperately wants to uncover?

Highly improbable for me. Nefertiti would be far more likely to use ancient Egyptian text messages....

Ancient Egypt whimsy you see on the Internet

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

IMHOTEP, alien in his genius. What secrets would his tomb hold?

"A satellite eye in the sky... a dangerous hidden secret beneath Egypt's sand" *****5 star Amazon US

The Ufologist said. "Some are convinced that Imhotep was the original ancient alien. Don’t you think that there is something a bit alien about the imp-like figures of Imhotep in the world’s museums, showing him as a tiny sage seated on a chair with a scroll across his knee and his elongated skull extruded inside a skullcap? Then there is the curious meaning of his name. Imhotep means ‘The one who comes in peace.’ Isn’t that canonically the message communicated by friendly, and sometimes deceptive, visitors from the stars, in countless science fiction stories and movies… ‘we come in peace’?”

"EGYPT EYES: A groundbreaking mystery thriller novel featuring the blogs and photos of renegade Egyptologist Anson Hunter.

With his luminous intelligence, thousands of years ahead of his time, Imhotep must have appeared as a being who had dropped out of the sky to early generations… designer and builder of the first great monument in stone, the step pyramid, deified after his death and revered by the later Greeks and Romans. 

All this and Imhotep fathered medicine, was considered a wizard, governed as Vizier and held high sacred office...
It was also said that Imhotep’s father was the creator god Ptah and his mother was the sky goddess Nut... 

Tuesday, October 11, 2016


Omni article

So true about sci-fi and ancient Egypt.
But it's not just sci-fi that's obsessed.
So is science.
Look at the proliferation of ancient Egyptian names used in the space field. From asteroids to landers. Names like Philae, Osiris-Rex, Rosetta, Apophis...

THE SHADOW OF THOTH... in 2 Egypt mystery thrillers

On Amazon Kindle

THE IBIS APOCALYPSE. (An Anson Hunter novel)

Ancient Egypt’s forbidden power… the world’s fate written in stone. (Amazon Kindle and paperback.) Third in the series of Egyptology adventure mystery thrillers after 'The Smiting Texts' and 'The Hathor Holocaust'...Was Egypt's magical Book of Thoth originally carved in stone - on a stela - rather than written on a scroll? Anson Hunter, controversial alternative Egyptologist and theorist, is obsessed with locating the forbidden Stela of Destiny before the wrong people get hold of it. The Stela, or stone book, of Thoth, Egypt's god of magic, is the most powerful and malefic source of esoteric texts ever written. The texts bring frightening power but also a terrible backlash. Twice in history the contents have come to light - the first time in the reign of Rameses the Great, linked with the Plagues of Egypt and the suffering of the Hebrews, and in 1939 when a German Egyptologist took rubbings of the stone texts to Hitler's Germany before the horrors of World War II. Israeli Intelligence and its allies in the USA become alarmed when the Destiny Stela threatens to break into history once again. As they are all too aware, the Stela of Destiny is the Holy Grail for organisations and conspirators with dangerous political and religious agendas, both in the USA and in Europe. Anson embarks on an investigation under the cover of shooting a screen documentary, pursued by enemies and shadowed by striking Israeli Mossad agent Zara Margolin and suspicious Egyptian authorities, in a hunt that covers USA, UK and secret archaeological sites in Egypt. Can he find and penetrate the deadly series of chambers of the Sanctuary of Thoth that guards the Stela of Destiny before a dangerous new dawn breaks for humankind? 'The Ibis Apocalypse' is a danger-fraught adventure that unfolds against the background of ancient Egypt's enthralling legend and mythology.



Is missing archaeology team member Lucas Burrows trapped in the ancient past during an age of terror – and sending warning messages to today?
WARNING! ANCIENT GLOBAL THREAT… the impossible graffito message turns up in a newly found Egyptian tomb, along with a modern biohazard symbol.
What mysterious plague has hit the population of Egypt in the reign of Pharaoh Amenhotep III and his young co-regent Akhenaten? Why is it seen as a judgement by the angry sun god Ra to punish Egypt for bowing to the Plagues of Egypt?
An eleventh plague of Egypt?
Lucas, a physician and World Health Organisation expert on pandemics, must find its source and the antidote in time to save the ancient past and the future.
Especially when his lover, the lustrous Italian Egyptologist Giulietta, is exposed to the deadly contagion. Can he warn her in time – by sending messages through the archaeological layers of time itself?
Can his great love be saved and can they ever hope to be reunited?

“Roy Lester Pond joins my favourite Egypt authors like Christian Jacq.”

“A furious pace keeps the reader engrossed.”- Goodreads.


Used copies of 50 Shades build a fort in a 2nd hand bookstore - what a waste of trees    

Why I prefer my ancient Egypt E-fiction to the 'dead-tree technology' of printed books... (though I still love, and am eternally indebted to, print)

I never thought I'd say it.

While I sell fiction in both forms, I get far more satisfaction from selling my series of ancient Egypt adventure thrillers in e-book form than in paperbacks.

Print version

Maybe I'm just over the dead-tree technology of paper publishing. 

There's something alive and immediate about e-books that breathes new life into reading - and being read.

E-books are fresh, for a start - they avoid the glacial slowness of book publishing and literary agencies. E-books seem to me to be the perfect medium for capturing and sharing the quicksilver nature of ideas.

Yet, ironically, there is a permanence about e-books that paper, and even papyrus, could never achieve. 

E-books don't go out of print, either. They are forever. 

They don't yellow, fade, gather mildew, dust and eventually rot.

You can read in the dark, don't need to angle that bedside lamp just right.

You can live a mobile life and have your books.

They don't smell like books, true, but neither do they smell of dust.

In fact there is some of the permanence about e-books that I admire in the ancient Egyptian civilization itself.

So for me it's the perfect way to bring a long dead civilization to life for my readers.