Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Not even Egyptian, so why does Washington Monument appear in THE OBELISK CONSPIRACY?

A chase to find one Egyptian obelisk that can destroy civilization...

“The Washington’s Monument isn’t even from Egypt,” Jennefer said. “In fact, it’s unlike Egyptian models in concept since it was built with thirty-six thousand separate stones including display stones donated from around the world. If we’re going to include that obelisk, we might as well count the millions of faux obelisks in cities, military cenotaphs and graveyards around the world, where they’ve come to symbolise stability, eternity and resurrection.”
“Yet the obelisk plainly borrows from Egypt’s past” Jon said, “and is steeped in Freemasonry symbolism...

Amazon Kindle, second in THE EGYPTIAN MYTHOLOGY MURDERS series

FALCON-HEADED PHARAOH. The all-time most eerie Egyptian coffin?

The hawk-headed silver coffin of Shoshenk II (22nd Dynasty, from Tanis)

In striking silver (in its time, as precious as gold).

Monday, September 26, 2016

What dangerous secret did it see beneath the Egyptian desert sands?

"Taking the mystery thriller to new heights" - on Amazon Kindle
"EGYPT EYES". The space archaeology thriller. *****5-star Amazon US

Impossible? A modern warning scratched UNDER an ancient layer of tomb painting?


‘TEXT MESSAGES FROM ETERNITY’ Trapped in Egypt's past, he sent her warnings through the archaeological layers of time

Is missing archaeology team member Lucas Burrows trapped in Egypt’s ancient past during an age of terror – and sending warning messages to today through the archaeological layers of time?
‘WARNING! ANCIENT GLOBAL THREAT…’ an impossible graffito message appears in a newly found Egyptian tomb, along with a modern biohazard symbol.
Who sent it?
What mysterious plague has hit the population of Egypt in the reign of Pharaoh Amenhotep III and his young co-regent, the sun-struck Akhenaten? Why is it seen as a judgement by the angry sun god Ra?
Lucas, a physician and World Health Organisation expert on pandemics, must find its source and the antidote in time to save the ancient past and the future.
Especially when his lover, the lustrous Italian-born Egyptologist Giulietta, is exposed to the deadly contagion. Can he warn her in time and save her and can they ever hope to be reunited?

‘TEXT MESSAGES FROM ETERNITY’ expands ‘THE RA VIRUS’ with a new additional Book 2 ‘THE ATEN SCOURGE’

“Roy Lester Pond joins my favourite Egypt authors like Christian Jacq.”

“A furious pace keeps the reader engrossed.”- Goodreads

"LOVE THIS GENRE" ***** Egyptian mythology based suspense and mystery thriller trilogy

She was brought to life in a London hospital scan, 5000 years after dying in ancient Egypt.....

The radiation scan - at a dose lethal for the living - blasted through her linen windings. It was like a penetration of sunlight warming the bones after the ache of the desert night.

The CT machine hummed. A spinning cylinder curved around the mummy’s head like a night sky arching over Egypt.

The sand-dry cells of the body, spread out in an undulating landscape on the CT tray, stirred in a sudden breath.
Life! Resurgent life! It eddied, thickened, mounted in force, blowing, gusting, then blasting through the mummy like a desert sand storm...



Saturday, September 24, 2016

Living e-books sell a long dead civilization in fiction

At AMAZON and other good ebook stores

Why I prefer my ancient Egypt E-fiction to the 'dead-tree technology' of printed books... (though I still love, and am eternally indebted to, print)

I never thought I'd say it.

While I sell fiction in both forms, I get far more satisfaction from selling my series of ancient Egypt adventure thrillers in e-book form than in paperbacks.

Print version

Maybe I'm just over the dead-tree technology of paper publishing.

There's something alive and immediate about e-books that breathes new life into reading - and being read.

E-books are fresh, for a start - they avoid the glacial slowness of book publishing and literary agencies. E-books seem to me to be the perfect medium for capturing and sharing the quicksilver nature of ideas.

Yet, ironically, there is a permanence about e-books that paper, and even papyrus, could never achieve. 

E-books don't go out of print, either. They are forever. 

They don't yellow, fade, gather mildew, dust and eventually rot.

You can read in the dark, don't need to angle that bedside lamp just right.

You can live a mobile life and have your books.

They don't smell like books, true, but neither do they smell of dust.

In fact there is some of the permanence about e-books that I admire in the ancient Egyptian civilization itself.

So for me it's the perfect way to bring a long dead civilization to life for my readers.