Saturday, September 20, 2008

Hidden danger today from ancient Egypt's mysterious past? Begin a 7-book 'binge read' series on Kindle and paperback

Egypt-based adventure thriller. Ancient secrets, modern global conspiracies

THEY INTERCEPTED him as he came out of Baltimore-Washington Airport, two men wearing suits and an air of officialdom like a brisk cologne.

“Mr Anson Hunter, the British Egyptologist?” 

So begins fiction thriller "The Smiting Texts".  
Why has US intercepted a renegade Egyptologist? Is he the key to investigating an ancient esoteric threat to the US today...? A clash between two superpowers, ancient Egypt and modern America.

Ancient Egypt is not about to rise again and "clobber us", or so Egyptologists assure us. Even though the remains of the pharaohs have survived the aeons and the peculiar lustre of eternity still clings to the remnants of Egypt's past.

Ancient Egypt is a dead civilization, they say.
And yet...
As 'The Smiting Texts' affair shows, the ancient Egyptians did believe in supranormal power - smiting rituals and execration texts, expressed through pottery, papyrus, bone and architecture. Remote killing, you see, was a state instrument of power. The priests would write execration texts on the sides of jars and then utter the words of threat formulae, before ritually smashing the jars in order to bring enemy nations to their knees. Nobody doubted that enemies of the state would weaken or simply be flattened, knocked down dead as if by an atomic blast.

Smitten by Egypt

You've seen those archetypal smiting scenes - Rameses the Great, giving a clutch of vile foreigners a headache by bashing in their craniums with a diorite mace.

My archaeologist hero Anson Hunter investigates unseen forces from the ancient past

This was not just a piece of wishful propaganda, although it was certainly that too. No, it was a detonation. These were esoteric armaments. In fact, the ancient Egyptian firmly believed that the power of such imprecations could reach out beyond temporal boundaries and smite across the ages...

USA’s Superpower vs ancient Egypt's Supranormal power, in The Smiting Texts - first in the Egypt series

     Secrets and hidden danger - Egypt adventure fiction

‘Egypt Eyes’ –  “Be my eyes in Egypt,” she says to him. The celebrated young Egyptologist and space archaeologist Dr Constance Somers had once explored ancient Egypt from space. But now she is legally blind. She hires controversial, alternative Egyptologist Anson Hunter to be her guide on a Nile cruise. ‘Show me the hidden Egypt of your imagination,’ she says. But does she have a darker purpose, planning to use his unique skills to help her penetrate a secret and dangerous site that she found?
And why are agents of the US National Reconnaissance Office, a secret Intelligence agency in charge of satellites and overhead security, suddenly taking an interest in the work of the space archaeologist? Has she made a discovery in her satellite archaeology that has global security ramifications?
Anson must face unexpected enemies at every turn and use his skills to survive the dangers of a lost underground sanctuary as he tries to unlock its shattering secret.

‘Egypt Eyes’ is groundbreaking adventure and mystery fiction with an Egyptologist’s blogs and photos.