Friday, November 28, 2008

Anson Hunter, alternative Egyptologist, and US Homeland Security

The Smiting Texts in the company of US Homeland Security etc

My archaeological thriller, The Smiting Texts, was first launched in the UK and generated a fair bit of internet activity.

It features an alternative British Egyptologist who is called on by US Homeland Security when a mysterious threat arises from Egypt's ancient past.
It seems Anson Hunter, alternative Egyptologist, theorist, phenomenologist and expert on dangers from the ancient past, just can't help finding himself in the company of the intelligence community.

Amazon Kindle edition (2014 update)

Friday, November 14, 2008

WHERE IS SHE? Answer to location of Egyptian goddess Seshat

ANSWER: This beautifully preserved relief of Seshat, Egyptian goddess of writing, appears at the rear of a colossal seated statue of Rameses the Great in the Temple of Luxor - partly obscured by a facing temple wall.

You can discover more hidden fascinations and mysteries of ancient Egypt in my carefully researched adventure thrillers now available on Amazon Kindle.

Uncover hidden dangers from the ancient past and discover their impact on today through conspiracies and crimes that take their impetus from ancient Egypt.

Seshat is just one of the goddesses who weave their way through my ancient Egyptian adventure thrillers.

Meet Anson Hunter, the witty alternative Egyptologist with a healthy respect for unseen realities and the shadow side of ancient Egypt.

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 Kindle edition - Seshat features strongly in this novel


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Saturday, November 8, 2008


Seshat, the Female Scribe, Foremost in the Library and Goddess of Writing. She features on the cover of The Smiting Texts, but not many people can find her (including our last Egyptian guide). Answer to come.