Monday, August 3, 2009


Snippets of the ancient past

Hatshepsut sent her statue to Punt. Imagine a milky stone queen in African bush sparking legends like She!

Ancient Egypt coded sex 1: scented delta of lotus blossom under nose, ducks and geese, monkey playing under a chair

Ancient Egypt sex code 2 Girl: 'I'll go into water & come up with red fish who will quiver with happiness in my fingers'

Ancient Egypt coded sex 3: wife's possessive arm around husband, intent eyes of a goddess taking pharaoh’s hand

Ancient Egypt subtle sex code 4: King Tut sits in a swamp shooting birds. Queen hands him an arrow in a languid hand

Ancient Egypt subtle coded sex 5: queen receives liquid from a flask poured into her cupped hand by king Tutankhamun

Pharaoh’s sandals bore images of wretched enemies to trample, walking stick handles had bound captives

Hathor-Sekhmet, Mankind's Destroyer. In THE SMITING TEXTS she flips between love goddess & marauding lioness

Did Egypt invent heaven? Before Egypt's vivid afterlife images, Israel’s Sheol a realm of gloomy nothingness

Ancient Egypt love affair starts young. Take children to a museum & 2 things they want to see - dinosaur and mummy

For many Egyptology greats ancient Egypt love began as child. Mine perhaps ignited by Nefernefernefer in The Egyptian

Was Ancient Egypt afterworld a virtual reality created by a civilisation's collective unconscious sustained by religion? -

Ancient Egypt est av pop over 3500 yrs 5.25 b people lived & died on Nile. Many secrets hidden under sands

Love the wondrous horizon where ruins emerge from ancient Egypt's empire of sand to send us text messages from eternity

Childrens’ art is eerily ancient Egyptian. Objects float, people stand side-on. Timeless, eternal, perspective-free - how they see the world

Potiphar's wife, Cleopatra, Nefernefernefer, & Sesheshet in The Smiting Texts novel - a tradition of fatal females

Tutankhamun discoverer Howard Carter told King Farouk he knew Alexander's tomb location, but would take secret to his grave

Scurrilous legend says last pharaoh magician Nectanebo ended up in Greece and in bed of Olympias, fathering Alexander

SCA's Zahi Hawass guards pharaohs DNA details: ‘National security’. Conspiracy crazies wonder Nubian, Hebrew, alien lineage?

Physicians applied mold from bread and the underside of lily to wounds. Pencillin thousands of years before Fleming?

After The Smiting Texts, I've made my Author's Corrections to The Armageddon Glyphs my next Egypt adventure thriller

Remote-killing execrations or curses were state instruments of warfare dramatised in the thriller The Smiting Texts

Pierre Montet, great French discover of Tanis tombs, died believing the Fayoum Great Labyrinth is still to be found

Should mummies in movies lurch? Or limp? Early sources say embalmers dislocated one ankle to slow the pursuing dead!