Sunday, May 29, 2011


Fun E-gypt E-reading!
Font sizeEgypt, animals, mummies, laughs, scares...
"Harley's Really Scary Egypt Project" is a fun adventure set in a fantasy animal mummy kingdom of Egypt.
Harley has a Class Egypt Day that goes horribly and humorously wrong!

I piloted this idea a few years ago, offering the first few chapters online and it attracted strong interest from children, schools and parents in the US.
So here it is in a Kindle edition, adding to my Egypt collection for young readers "The Princess Who Lost her Scroll of the Dead"."Egypt Breakout - Soldiers of an Endless Night" and "The Egypt Tomb Machine"! (Kindle & Paperback)

Friday, May 27, 2011

Forget US Preacher's False Apocalypse. Is this the real apocalypse? The Ibis Apocalypse

The Ibis Apocalypse, second in my Egypt adventure thriller series of three
novels - Amazon Kindle & Paperback.

Here is a screen grab of the Kindle editition - opening pages

Monday, May 16, 2011


There are now four novels in my Egypt adventure fiction collection for adult readers - three adventure thriller novels and a new adventure romance novelette.

Fall under the spell of Egypt at Amazon Kindle with theTHE SMITING TEXTS’, ‘THE HATHOR HOLOCAUST’ and ‘THE IBIS APOCALYPSE’ by Roy Lester Pond.



“Choose! Your wife in ancient Egypt, or now?”

The Delta Dilemma is a suspenseful, fantasy romance adventure novelette with supernatural elements and takes place amid the turmoil of post-revolutionary Egypt.

Jed is a time-torn archaeologist enamoured with both his young archaeologist wife and with an image of the Lady Tetisheri in an Egyptian tomb.

Then chaos strikes across time and Jed is launched on a dangerous mission to stop the return of primeval chaos. He must penetrate a nightmarish sanctuary of The Ogdoad, Egypt’s Eight gods of chaos and creation, where he will also face the terrible, ultimate dilemma - save his passionate wife in ancient Egypt… or his glamorous, yet independent wife of today…