Saturday, July 30, 2011

Video slideshow: "Egypt's drowned empire". Lake Nasser temples from Aswan to Abu Simbel

See what Egypt, and the world, so nearly lost under the rising waters of Lake Nasser. Research on this and other trips went into my ancient Egypt adventure and mystery thrillers.

There are two underworlds of ancient Egypt in my novels

Thursday, July 28, 2011

NEW. Third in a children's Egypt fantasy adventure trilogy that sold thousands in the USA

Third in a much-loved children's Egypt series of fantasy adventures - scariest yet. New in Kindle edition.

Young readers first met my young story threesome - computer game crazy Josh, his sister Amy and their mysterious little cousin Harry, a long time ago (years before Harry Potter's threesome, in fact).

Here were the first two books, THE MUMMY'S REVENGE deadly and Who knows the secret of... THE MUMMY'S TOMB published by Scholastic, USA.

Young readers - and schools - loved them and they sold many, many thousand of copies in the USA.

Now for the first time in USA, here is the third in the children's Egypt fantasy action adventure trilogy available in an Amazon Kindle edition.

THE MUMMY'S TRAP... waits for Josh, Amy & Cousin Harry

It's their scariest adventure ever.

See THE MUMMY'S TRAP - click here

Sunday, July 24, 2011

3 global conspiracies with roots in ancient Egypt... in adventure Egypt Series

The secret of Egypt's Great Lost Labyrinth of pharaoh 
Amenemhat III... and the conspiracy of The Smiting Texts
Can a renegade Egyptologist stop a New Age conspiracy to trigger the return of an ancient apocalypse in The Hathor Holocaust?

Egypt's forbidden Stela of Thoth.... a threat to the world emerges in the conspiracy of The Ibis Apocalypse

"A heady mix for mystery adventure thriller readers"...

Here is a mixture of enthralling Egyptian archaeology, the discovery of forbidden artefacts, dangerous conspirators including New Agers, radical Islamists and Christian fundamentalists eager to bring on the end times... plus the involvement of the Intelligence agencies of the USA, Israel, Britain and Egypt, who turn to a renegade Egyptologist for help. 
 The Smiting Texts, The Hathor Holocaust and The Ibis Apocalypse. In Kindle and paperback.

You can buy the series - and other Egypt adventure - fiction here.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Egyptologist consultant to US Homeland Security on dangers from Egypt's ancient past

What kind of Egyptologist believes in unseen realities and dangers from the ancient past?

ANSON looked at his watch, again. He was waiting in the lamplit interior of an occult bookshop in London and longed to be somewhere else.
A sign in the window said:
Alternative Egyptologist and author of ‘The Secret Stela of Destiny’ (11 – 12 noon)
“You can sign a few more copies, if you like.”
It was the bookseller speaking, a saturnine lady who presided from a table near the back. She had the air of a spirit guide channelling the mystical wisdom of the books in her shop. Did she conduct Tarot card readings back there?
“We don’t charge our customers extra for signed copies of our books, not like the Americans,” she said.
But her sales strategy wasn’t working, he thought. The place was packed, but only with books.
Any general bookstore would be better than this, even The British Museum’s Bookshop, situated just a stone’s throw from this occult-New Age establishment. Or should that be a crystal’s throw? The scent of incense laced the atmosphere of the bookshop like a mystical cobweb. Depressing. A bookshop should have a whiff of imagination, mental rigour and print, he thought, not of dreamy nirvana.
So close, and yet so far from mainstream acceptance, in fact he was a long way from any acceptance right now. Few took him seriously and right now he was chasing a new and even more sinister obsession about danger from the ancient past - the Destiny Stela, subject of his latest book.
A pile of his new books sat ignored among others on a book table beside him, the cover showing a stone relief of the ibis-headed Thoth, ancient Egypt’s god of writing and magic, or heka. Narrow paper tags ran across the covers and carried the bookstore’s New Age logo and the words ‘signed copy’. Anson had signed a batch lingeringly to pass the time.
He glanced around the shelves with eyes that normally held an obsessive light, but now appeared morose. Which books would The Secret Stela of Destiny end up rubbing covers with? That one over there about the eternally lost continent of Atlantis and the ten plagues of Egypt, or that one about the pyramids going unrecognised as ancient power plants? Dispiriting.
The bookseller revealed the skills of a clairvoyant.
“I’ll be putting you in the ‘mystery history’ section, following the launch period,” she said, “in case you’re wondering.”
The information did little to cheer him.
The shop door opened and a man swept in. Was he a prospect for a signed copy of his book?
The new arrival brought a swirl of cold air and turbulence into the shop with him, like a man in a hurry. Perhaps the blue Lufthansa travel bag slung over his shoulder gave a clue. On the other hand, he could just be anxious to get his hands on a signed copy of Anson’s new book.
Anson reminded himself that the Germans were pillars of Egyptology and he tried to engage the newcomer. But the man barely paused to meet Anson’s stare, before checking out the bookseller at the back of the shop. Then he ran a hand over sparse blond hair before directing his attention to the shelves where he began to browse among the books.
Anson felt his shoulders sink. Right at that moment, he could almost have exchanged his life as a renegade Egyptologist, theorist and phenomenologist working in the shadows of the sacred and mysterious, for the ivory tower of respectability.
He thought about signing another copy of his book and wondered how long he could stretch out the scrawling of another signature. Perhaps he could include a written message inside:
Dear New Age/occult reader, 
Here’s hoping my book puts the fear of God into you.
But wait, all was not lost. The browser was working his way around the book table. He was approaching and making eye contact.
“Mr Anson Hunter, the Egyptologist? I am hearing that you are signing books today,” the man said in a low voice, speaking in accented, present continuous English.
Hope surged.
“I am. In fact I have been.” He picked up a book to hand it over. “Here’s one I prepared earlier.”
The man made no attempt to take the book. “I do not want it,” he said, shaking his head.
“You don’t want it signed?”
German. Maybe he’d prefer a pure copy without Anson’s seismographic graffiti inside.
“No, I do not want your book for me. I do not like it.”
“Maybe try a few pages before you decide.”
“I do not study Egyptology.”
So a little author adulation was out of the question, Anson thought.
“It is about my grandfather that I come here.”
Anson did some arithmetic. The answer was not encouraging. Judging by the gift-shopper’s age, the grandfather would have to be pretty decrepit by now.
“Your grandfather likes Egyptology?”
The man shook his head again.
“He is dead.”
Past tense. No grandfather. He failed to see where this was going.
“Then a suggestion. My book could make a doorstop. You could cover it in a funky fabric and sit it at the front door.”
The man took a notepad and a pen out of a coat pocket and began to scribble.
“I write my name here - it is German and maybe uneasy to spell.”
An autograph from a reader? No, make that a nonreader. This was certainly unexpected. The man wrote and wrote. A long name evidently. Finally he tore the message off the pad and slipped it to him, throwing a guarded glance at the bookseller.
Anson read it.
I am Reiner Faltinger. In Berlin I have clues for your search. We talk more on the Internet.
Anson shrugged. “You’re going to have to give me a clue.”
The man appeared to engage in some inner struggle. He sighed.
“Okay. I give you one clue now - Tot.”
“Tot? As in ‘a splash of whisky’?”
The man frowned and shook his head.
“Tot, the Egyptian God.” He pointed to the book cover. “It is correct in your book.”
Anson blinked at him in surprise.
“So you really have read my book?”
He shook his head.
“I am reading about it on the Internet. It is correct.”
Had he taken the trouble to read Anson Hunter’s ancient Egypt Blog, ‘The Other Egypt’?
“What’s correct?”
The man lowered his voice to a whisper.
“It is correct about the Stela of Tot.”
“I’m glad you think so.”
“But it is incorrect to say the Stela is lost. My grandfather - a genius - found it. He located this relic in Egypt. He took rubbings of the texts. He took them to Germany before the war. To Berlin, in nineteen thirty nine.”
“Your grandfather found the Stela of Destiny?”
He nodded. “Ja, but he again put the texts back in Egypt, before the Stela can destroy him and all of Germany. I come here today so that you see that I am real. Genuine. We talk more on the Internet.”
He pressed a finger to his lips and went, leaving the shop, taking a swirl with him.
A bookshop with this sort of specialty was bound to attract cranks.
He slipped the note into a pocket.
Yet the man’s disclosure found a resonance in his mind.

(Excerpt from "The Ibis Apocalypse")

Monday, July 18, 2011

Time lapse: Egypt's Abu Simbel Temple... arrival by water is especially stirring

The self-glorification of pharaoh Rameses is sometimes hard to resist

Arriving by cruise boat on Lake Nasser at the temple of Abu Simbel is especially stirring. Here's a time-lapse series of shots in video form.

(sorry, video may not play on iPads etc)

Here's how fiction's Egyptologist hero Anson Hunter tells it in 'The Ibis Apocalypse'... third in my ancient Egypt series of adventure novels.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Indiana Jones Exhibition. Fans of Indiana J. and Stargate should dive into The Smiting Texts too says Review

Indiana Jones casts his iconic shadow on Egyptian Texts... The Smiting Texts?

This Exhibition in Montreal looks a powerful draw-card and I hope it makes it to my part of the world. 

I notice that in the Poster, Indiana Jones casts his iconic shadow on a wall swarming with ancient Egyptian texts. Smiting Texts? Execrations, curses and magical 'Words of Power'?

It reminds me of what a reviewer said about my novel "The Smiting Texts", first in my ancient Egypt Trilogy of adventure thrillers.

"Fans of Indiana Jones... would do well to dive into this!" ('Read Between The Lines'.)

How much did Indy influence me?  Probably not a lot. I was already into the 'adventure of archaeology' when the forerunners of Indiana Jones were running around in my childhood movie matinees to a soundtrack of cheering kids and the smell-o-vision of pink bubblegum and popcorn. 

I've studied ancient Egypt since I was about eleven or twelve and have been making research trips to Egypt and the museums of the world ever since.

But of course I'm immensely fond of Indy.

The reviewer's comparison of the first in my ancient Egypt trilolgy went on to say:

“Compellingly brought to life in modern day Egypt… The Smiting Texts is a fast paced
adventure story that will pull you in and won’t let go, even after you turn the last page.
The Smiting Texts was a very enjoyable read which fans of Indiana Jones and the Stargate

franchise would do well to dive into.

Although the book is written in the third person, the reader is only ever exposed to

information within the protagonist – ‘alternative Egyptologist Anson Hunter’s - sphere
of perception, creating a sense of experience and empathy that draws you in from the start. I believe Hunter will be a universally likeable lead in that, although the book deals with
some controversial ideas, Hunter himself holds no strong opinions that could interfere
with the reader’s own involvement in the story. He is equally likeable due to his sarcastic

observations and dry wit as he is due to his agreeable nature."

I'll be forever grateful to Indiana Jones for bringing more people to appreciate the adventure of archaeology.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

A princess trapped in Egypt's underworld - without her passport to the afterlife! THE PRINCESS WHO LOST HER SCROLL OF THE DEAD

'The Princess Who Lost Her Scroll of The Dead.'

"One terrific story..." -- N. Ignatowicz, Editor-at-Large, Children's Books, New York

She opened her magical scroll - her guide through Egypt's terrifying underworld - only to find it totally blank!

Books of the Dead were magical scrolls that acted as passports to the other world. They were essential to the ancient Egyptians, a guide that allowed them to pass safely through the challenges of the gates and guardians of the underworld.

What happens when a young Egyptian princess discovers she has been tricked by a greedy scribe, her costly scroll swapped for a blank one so the original can be sold again?

Now young Nefera must face the terrors of the underworld alone, clutching a worthless scroll.

Then a boy tomb robber, Ipy, and his pet monkey join her.

Can they help her find her way to the Fields of the Blessed?

What is the secret they are keeping from her?

They must hurry and reach the Judgement Hall before dawn or be lost forever...

Enhancing the digital fiction reading experience with photos of real Egyptian artefacts...
"An enthralling drama and educational."

Below is the mock-up pre-storyboard I put together in planning the book, using my own shots and Googled pics.

AMAZON Kindle edition

Sample this and other ancient Egypt fiction (click)

NOTE: Roy Pond writes fiction for younger readers - and writes for adults under the full name of Roy Lester Pond

Goodreads - Amazon paperback edition

Friday, July 8, 2011

EERIE EGYPT – the 'tingle' that inspires my ancient Egyptian adventure writing

The relics of ancient Egypt possess a magical frisson. 

You feel on the surfaces of your skin and on the back of your neck. 

Unmistakeable. That's because everything they turned their hands and minds to was inspired by, and invested with the  elemental force known as heka, or ancient Egyptian magic…

Here are some of my images of eerie Egypt that do it for me.

They have helped inspire my ancient Egyptian trilogy of adventure thrillers The Smiting Texts, The Hathocaust and The Ibis Apocalypse, and also my novella The Delta Dilemma.

Have a sample read for FREE on Amazon Kindle (or 'Look Inside' the paperbacks)  – I hope you too will experience that eerie tingle of ancient Egypt!

Friday, July 1, 2011

"Wonderfully clever and original story." Egypt mythology tale within a thriller

Here's the mock-up/pre-storyboard images I used when writing the mythological Egyptian tale within The Smiting Texts - again using just scrap art and Googled references.