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Which great river is this? Mississippi? Murray? Nile? Amazon...?

A river of mystery
Going back in time to my first trip in Egypt, 1992

Ancient Egypt with a refreshing twist

Outer wall, Kom Ombo Temple, Upper Egypt

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And New-Adult Egypt adventure fantasy - The Egypt Tomb Machine

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i-Book Screen grab - opening

Science fiction, action adventure fantasy and ancient history join the supernatural in a young Egyptologist's quest to save a loved one at the boundaries of existence. When his young Egyptologist partner Janet vanishes during a sojourn alone in a tomb, archaeologist Wilson Ryder vows to go after her, even if it means journeying across the boundaries of existence. Ahead of Ryder and his dog lies a pre-dynastic realm of myth: the mysterious Mistress of the Bow and Ruler of Arrows, the evil Lord Seth, legions of animal-headed creatures, the venerable bird-man, the child Horus. And key to it all is the quest for the magical amulets of power. A life-and-death struggle is on at the edge of time. And the universe watches - and waits...

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As well as my adult archaeological adventure thrillers (written under the full name of Roy Lester Pond), I have also produced a range of fiction for young readers as Roy Pond.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Egyptian mythology meets modern conspiracy in The Anubis Intervention

Can a renegade archaeologist use his wits to save a boatload of the world's top Egyptologists?

THE ANUBIS INTERVENTION - paperback and Kindle

Fourth in the Egyptian archaeology adventure series.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Ancient Egyptian tomb booby trap - a rushing humanoid block rumbles down... The Ibis Apocalypse.

Imagine this missile hurtling down a ramp of a tomb passage in darkness...  (opening scene The Ibis Apocalypse)

Ibis catacomb, el-Ashmunein, Egypt

“SORRY, ANSON. Your search for the stela ends here!”
The voice of the young woman funneled down the underground passage, the echoes fluttering off the stone like startled bats.
Anson Hunter, alternative Egyptologist and theorist, felt a chill as the words reached his ears. It was caused as much by the emotional separation in her voice as by its distance. Her voice was startlingly removed. It was also hard and cold. A few minutes earlier she had been a companionable presence at his shoulder. Now this. She had deserted him, stealing back up the ramp of the passage.
A rumble of thunder came to deepen his puzzlement and then a screech, the sound of stone moving over stone, grinding, scouring. He felt a tremble under his feet. He spun his flashlight. The abrasion grew to a roar that made his eardrums cower.
A slab of darkness surged out of deeper darkness. His beam flared on a block of granite in a humanoid shape. A man mountain. It was a stone block with a carved head on top… a colossal block-statue of a High Priest of Thoth, weighing tons.
The cubic man, with head, feet and hands protruding, squatted on a base with his knees raised and arms folded across them under a cloak to form a crushing volume in stone.
In the turmoil, the passage trembled and so did Anson.
The wigged and bearded face on top of the block wore a
smile that belied the missile’s crushing intent as the statue shuddered over the floor. Hieroglyphs on the front of the block leapt into Anson’s vision like an execration hurled at him, a spell to obliterate an intruder.
The attack of the granite rock slide turned him to stone.
He had seen the block statue earlier, bulking at the head of the passage, and, fearing a trap, had urged his female companion to step over a granite flagstone in the floor, fearing it might trigger disaster.
But she had slipped back and deliberately set it off.
Now he understood the reason for the vast corridor and the ramped floor that plunged into the earth. It was built to speed the massive plug on its rush down the passage.
The cubic man gathered momentum and the sound of tortured stone assaulted his ears as he felt a blast of arriving air hit his body. It felt like a train coming down a tunnel.
He could never outrun it.
Then what?
A glance told him there was no room in the passage to jump clear. That left one option. Jump on board the block statue before it gathered more speed. Go along for the ride.
Instead of fleeing, he went to meet his fate and the stony smile on the face seemed to spread.
Jump! Hold on to the head.
The throaty roar of the slab filled his ears and sparks showered from its base.
He sprang like a suicide throwing his body into the path of a train.
The stone mass slammed into his body. He lost his torch and his wind in the impact. The polished surface tried to repel him and he felt his body skidding. He threw his arms out and hooked them around the pyramidal bulge of the block-priest’s wig, clamped on tight.
He rode the human slab in darkness broken by sparks showering upwards to illuminate sliding passage walls. The flicker revealed the statue’s brutal face and stone ears curved like bowls against the wig. The grind and screech of the block’s descent sent shock waves through the core of the colossus and it seemed to be shaking underneath him as if in a rage.
The slab thundered on. It was as if the priestly defender of the tomb were trying to sweep him off by speed alone.
Down, down Anson slid, riding a rock fall on a journey through the darkness of an underworld.
He had clung to ancient Egypt all of his life and now he was hanging on to it for his very life, not to its mystery or allure or its esoteric beliefs, but to its concrete monumentality.
He never imagined it would end like this in the hell of screaming, spark-showering stone, betrayed by a woman he trusted. Yet this was where his journey had always been going.
His obsession to find a stone book called the Destiny Stela, inscribed with the most dangerous texts ever composed, was carrying him to destruction.

The opening scene from my Egypt adventure thriller “The Ibis Apocalypse” (Amazon Kindle and paperback – third in the Anson Hunter Adventure series following The Smiting Texts (paperback and Kindle) and “Hathor's Holocaust” (Amazon Kindle and Paperback). All feature renegade Egyptologist, theorist and blogger Anson Hunter.

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Why ancient Egypt/archaeology is such a rich vein for an adventure fiction writer

Egypt's vast scope

Rare, shattered head of Nefertiti

National Gallery of Victoria

Chapter 5
Neues Museum, Museum Island, Berlin
“WHAT THE GERMAN people have, they keep,” Adolf Hitler famously responded when Egyptian authorities suggested that the famous bust of Queen Nefertiti in Berlin ought to be returned to Cairo.
Anson was standing among other admiring visitors in front of the bust of the iconic queen in a long gallery at the north cupola of the Neues Museum, when he recalled the Fuehrer’s response. The suggestions from the Egyptian authorities had risen to the level of rancorous clamour in recent years, yet there were still no signs that Nefertiti was going back to Egypt anytime soon. The queen’s image was everywhere, on postcards, in books and on publicity posters. Nefertiti had the pulling power of a superstar.
Was it James Bond’s creator Ian Fleming who’d remarked that the ancient queen of Egypt could make an entrance today in a designer gown and give the beautiful people a run for their money?
I never thought I’d agree with Hitler on any subject, Anson reflected, shaking his head in wonder at her beauty. The timeless elegance, lovely neck and airborne eyebrows produced a powerful effect on the beholder. If I had Nefertiti I wouldn’t part with her either.
Yet it was not always true that ‘what the German people have, they keep’ when it came to Egypt’s treasures, Anson thought, if there was any truth in the German informant's story about his grandfather’s returning of the Stela texts to Egypt.
A museum visitor moved in and stood beside Anson at the glass case, directing a jaded stare at Queen Nefertiti.
“Personally, I think she’s overrated,” the man said. He had a tired face and spoke with a lazy drawl. American.
“Stars never quite look the same off camera,” Anson consoled him.
He saw a movement reflected in the glass surface and looked around. A glimpse of a blurred head vanished behind an entrance way.
Was this his anxious and mysterious informant?

 (excerpt. The Ibis Apocalypse)


Thursday, November 15, 2012

Hathor-Sekhmet and a pandemic in the reign of Amenhotep III

A line of lioness deities - Karnak open air museum

A mysterious pandemic struck Egypt in the reign of Amenhotep the Third and thousands of these images of Sekhmet Hathor were set up - goddess of plagues and pestilence.

Hathor Sekhmet features in both The Smiting Texts and The Hathor Holocaust 

Monday, November 12, 2012

The malevolent Egyptian god Seth, Cairo Museum

A rare statue of the god of chaos

“The Egyptians generally chose red pottery to smash, the colour of Seth, god of chaos, and also the colour of blood, but the use of red ink would suffice, usually scrawled in cursive hieratic text. Let me give you the flavour of threat formulae:
“I overthrow all enemies from all their seats in every place where they areevery land, every ruler, every servant, every woman, every man, every child, every animal… all will be destroyed forever. They will not exist, nor will their bodies. They will not exist, nor will their souls. They will not exist, nor will their flesh. They will not exist, nor will their bones… they will not exist and the place where they are will not exist."
'The Smiting Texts' - archaeological adventure, Amazon Kindle and Paperback, first book in the series.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Crushing Power of the Pharaoh...

An earthly superpower - with supranormal power

“Another form of metaphysical coercion was the Egyptians’ fondness for showing scenes of bound foreign captives. Indeed pharaoh’s sandals bore images of wretched enemies so that he could trample on them as he walked. Footstools, paving stones and the handles of walking sticks used the images of bound captives..."
 The Smiting Texts, adventure fiction

A series of novels about hidden power and dangers from the past

Can't get away from Egypt. Pyramids in the Sky

Inspiration for the pharaohs? Certainly inspiration for me as an Egypt fiction writer

I really can't get away from Egypt right now. Last night I kept looking at that Panoramic Aerial Tour of the Pyramids of Giza on YouTube and this morning we woke up to find this ethereal pyramid in the sky.
I'd better plough on with writing that new book!


Thursday, November 8, 2012

Mysterious attackers in the masks of Egypt's gods - crocodiles, jackals, rams...

Egypt's crocodile god Sobek

Mysterious masked assailants take over a Nile shipboard conference of the world's top Egyptologists.

What do they want? Information about a monumental secret find? 

'The Anubis Intervention' is a twisting voyage of discovery.

Amazon Kindle and Paperback


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

7 Egypt novel posterizations. Fiction that 'brings ancient Egypt compellingly to life'

The Smiting Texts
The Hathor Holocaust

The Ibis Apocalypse

The Anubis Intervention
Egypt Eyes

SET IN EGYPT. Action, adventure and the mystery of the unknown are part of the landscape.

"Egypt is one of the characters" in this adventure action series about dangers from the ancient past and about modern conspiracies that take their impetus from ancient Egypt.

Amazon Kindle and paperback. 

AND NOW.... The Forbidden Glyphs

And the latest Anson Hunter novel...

The God Dig - The Egyptian Afterlife Conspiracy

Monday, November 5, 2012

Pharaoh smiting the enemy - esoteric warfare reactivated today?

Could hostile elements reactivate an ancient weapon?

“Egypt was the original Superpower,” Anson Hunter said. ‘Superpower designating not just what you are, but what you possess. And power they had – not just the military kind. Supranormal power. Smiting rituals and execration texts, expressed through pottery, papyrus, bone and architecture. Remote killing, you see, was a state instrument of power. Take this pharaoh here, Rameses the Great, giving a clutch of vile foreigners a headache by bashing in their craniums with a diorite mace. This was not just a piece of wishful propaganda, although it was certainly that too. No, it was a detonation. These were esoteric armaments, you see. Nobody doubted that, for hundreds of miles around, enemies of the state would weaken or simply be flattened, knocked down dead as if by an atomic blast..."
 From 'The Smiting Texts' - a clash of civilizations... ancient Egypt and modern America. 

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Fiction's Egyptologist, a female Mossad agent and a cruise into intrigue. THE IBIS APOCALYPSE

Valley of the Lions, Nubia

One of the rescued temples, sitting high and dry like sublime flotsam and jetsam on the shores of Lake Nasser in Nubia.
They feature in 'The Ibis Apocalypse' adventure conspiracy novel.
3rd in the Egypt Adventure Series on Kindle


Friday, November 2, 2012

6 Explosive Theories of the Fictional Egyptologist

A series of dangerous revelations

1. Fiction's controversial Egyptologist Anson Hunter believes that Egypt’s Lost Labyrinth, a mysterious seat of power once considered to be more impressive that the pyramids, is still to be discovered.

2. Anson theorises that ancient Egypt’s execration texts, ritual curses used by the Egyptian state as instruments of warfare against foreign powers, could reach across temporal boundaries and hold dangers for US and the West today once reactivated by dissidents.

3. He speculates that the ancient Egyptian afterworld might be an alternative reality, a sort of virtual world created by a civilization’s collective unconscious and sustained by its religion.

4. He holds that the first book of Thoth (like the 10 commandments) was graven in stone and that the Stone Book of Thoth was the most potent and dangerous tome ever created.

5. He believes that the malefic powers of Sekhmet-Hathor, ancient Egypt’s Destroyer of Humankind, symbolised by a lioness and a holocaust sun, could be reactivated in a modern day apocalypse.

6. Anson Hunter believes that the forbidden secrets and powers of ancient Egypt are the inspiration and impetus for modern day intrigue, involving governments, Intelligence organisations, New Age, Occult and New World Order conspirators as well as radical Islamists.

Action... adventure... with Fiction's Egyptologist & Theorist

Come on a journey with renegade archaeologist Anson Hunter