Saturday, December 28, 2013

Egypt adventure fiction with "depth" - by Roy Lester Pond

Fiction that goes deeper - into forbidden secrets and hidden dangers from the ancient past

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Space archaeology, drones... the impact of new technology on archaeology in my Egypt fiction

How long before drones impact on Egyptology and archaeological discoveries, revealing the signatures of lost tombs, temples and sanctuaries hidden under the sands?
(Use the 'drones' link above to see stunning drone's-eye view footage of the pyramids and Sphinx.)

Ancient Egypt and modern technology come together in my Egypt novels, especially in my series featuring renegade, independent Egyptologist Anson Hunter - novels such as 'Egypt Eyes' and 'The Anubis Intervention'... in fact across the whole series, beginning with The Smiting Texts...

Eyes in the sky revealing the ancient past

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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Season's Greetings. A refreshing take on Egyptology, as always.

A season's greeting card I received from UK artist David Arthur. A refreshing take on Egyptology, as always.

An author's "endlessly satisfying" passion for ancient Egypt

A passionate interest that's hard to shake

I've written a shelf full of Egypt-based novels, filled my own shelves with far too many volumes on Egyptology and ancient Egypt, haunted the great Egyptian museum galleries of the world, explored the length of Egypt and still I can't shake it.
I suppose that's what an endlessly satisfying passion does to you.
I hope you'll both feel and see that passion in my range of adventure novels, along with mystery, secrets, hidden dangers from the ancient past, and spread over all, a peculiar lustre of eternity.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

How I use Google search images to inspire my Egypt adventure fiction

Some inspiration I found for my new novella "Green Osiris" - Google images

A little archaeological digging among Google images can pay off for an author, helping you to fertilize and grow an idea in your mind. It also helps you believe in, and visualize, your idea more vividly.

As well as my own extensive library of Egypt images, captured on various research trips to Egypt and to various museums around the world, I find Google images of Egypt a great booster for my fiction.
I'm not suggesting random searches, although that can pay off in unexpected ways.  

You have to begin with the seed of an idea.

I had always been intrigued by the idea of corn mummies, or corn Osirises - eerie bandaged effigies symbolising resurrection and re-vegetation in ancient Egypt.

Here are just a few of the images I found that helped me to bring my sinister Osiris corn mummy  sprouting to life in "Green Osiris - The Curse of The Corn Mummy."

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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Ancient Egyptians' love of codes, puzzles, even crosswords features in my fiction...

Coded name of Rameses - rebus statue (wikipedia)

(Scene with my independent archaeologist Anson Hunter and US Homeland Security)

“How did you people come by this note?” Anson said to the Homeland Security man Bloem.

“That doesn’t matter.”

“Did you spot the code in here?”

Bloem and Gemma exchanged looks.

Anson took out a pen.

“The ancient Egyptians enjoyed puns, wordplay and crosswords. In fact, there’s a fiendishly clever and witty stela composed in honour of the goddess Mut, housed in the British Museum. You can read it in three different directions, across, down and around the outside edges.”

Anson used his pen to circle several letters in the text. “This one involves an acrostic. The Egyptians considered such wordplays to be powerful tools, which suggests that its author was aware of the sacred practices of the ancients and wanted to do things in a ritually significant manner.” He held up the piece of paper.

(H)istory will soon be made. (A) new dawn for Humankind approaches. (T)he beginning of the end for today’s world order is at hand as a force of hidden power will emerge and precipitate the fall. (H)ear this prophetic warning to all the nations. (On) this day, the roots of the old ideology will wither and die and a new order of the ages will commence. (R)ise to a new illumination.

A hidden word - a name - made up from the first letter of each of the sentences jumped out.


“The goddess Hathor. Of Hathor-Sekhmet fame.”

“That’s quick,” the academic, Melinda, said, respect in her eyes.

“You don’t disappoint,” the English girl said.

Bloem’s tone was dismissive.

“Our people figured that out.”

Melinda gave a smile.

“Yes, but it took them considerably longer.”

“Now you see why we need your help,” Gemma said.

Excerpt from the Anson Hunter investigative archaeology series - The Hathor Holocaust.

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