Friday, February 28, 2014

Adventure, archaeology and conspiracy thrillers powered by the mystery of ancient Egypt

Power up your iPad or Kindle with enthralling Egypt in fiction 

The Smiting Texts
The Hathor Holocaust
The Ibis Apocalypse
The Anubis Intervention
Egypt Eyes
The Forbidden Glyphs

Stand alone Egypt fiction with a twist of the unknown:

The Delta Dilemma
The Isis Mummy
The Door of Thoth - 2 time-travel novellas in one book
The Ra Virus (sci-fi time travel)
Green Osiris
Egypt Jump (sci-fi time travel)

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

"Egypt is one of the characters" in this adventure fiction

Reveals the hidden side of ancient Egypt today

Monday, February 24, 2014

"Bringing ancient Egypt compellingly to life" sometimes happens by itself...

A hawk, symbol of royalty, wheels over the heads of Rameses statues as they stare serenely over the shimmer of Lake Nasser at Abu Simbel    

They pulled up at the rear of a mountain of rock. The heat of the south scorched them as they stepped off the bus. They walked around the rock and suddenly there it was, as startling as if it had erupted from the mountainside. The facade of Abu Simbel. The group stared up at the seated colossi of the pharaoh Rameses. The images sat enthroned in sandstone against the facade of the temple, gazing with bulging, serene eyes over the shimmer of Lake Nasser...

Dangerous knowledge... in 'The Forbidden Glyphs'

Conspiracy and dangers to today's world from Egypt's ancient past

Egypt’s Lost Library of secrets and technology. Trigger for a dangerous new age.

Imagine a cache of glyphs of unthinkable power.

Renegade Egyptologist Anson Hunter does. In fact he has a controversial theory that somewhere in Egypt lies the Lost Library of Thoth, guarded by his consort the goddess Seshat.

In legend, this library contained all the forbidden knowledge of ancient Egypt, both human and divine, including secrets of lost technology that built the pyramids.

Anson’s theory throws him into conflict with international seekers who have dangerous agendas for the world.

To save a loved one, Anson Hunter must seek the forbidden glyphs in an ingenious lost sanctuary guarded by traps set by the calculating goddess Seshat.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

An ancient Egypt pop-culture confluence... #KatyPerry, 'Gods of Egypt' and more...

The more inaccessible today's Egypt becomes, with its post-revolution turbulence, the more desirable it seems to become in today's culture.

There is a powerful pop culture confluence right now with Katy Perry's new Egyptian-style video, the new series 'The Gods of Egypt' presently being shot in Sydney, starring a Game of Thrones star, a new Mummy movie, and even the possibility of an ancient Egypt themed Assassin's Creed in the works...

Can't get to Egypt right now? Maybe my Egyptian archaeology fiction titles will get you there...

(Amazon Kindle)

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Novel - or novella fiction? Egypt archaeology adventure thrillers to suit your mood and lifestyle.

Do you prefer a pacy, one sitting read and resolution - or an extended reading journey? 

Monday, February 10, 2014

A five-star Egypt-based archaeology mystery and adventure thriller

One of the Anson Hunter series

Egypt's forbidden power...
The fate of the world written in stone.

Third in the series of Egyptology adventure mystery thrillers after 'The Smiting Texts' and 'The Hathor Holocaust'...

Was Egypt's magical Book of Thoth originally carved in stone - on a stela - rather than written on a scroll?

Anson Hunter, controversial alternative Egyptologist and theorist, is obsessed with locating the forbidden Stela of Destiny before the wrong people get hold of it.

The Stela, or stone book, of Thoth, Egypt's god of magic, is the most powerful and malefic source of esoteric texts ever written. The texts bring frightening power but also a terrible backlash. Twice in history the contents have come to light - the first time in the reign of Rameses the Great, linked with the Plagues of Egypt and the suffering of the Hebrews, and in 1939 when a German Egyptologist took rubbings of the stone texts to Hitler's Germany before the horrors of World War II.

Israeli Intelligence and its allies in the USA become alarmed when the Destiny Stela threatens to break into history once again. As they are all too aware, the Stela of Destiny is the Holy Grail for organisations and conspirators with dangerous political and religious agendas, both in the USA and in Europe.

Anson embarks on an investigation under the cover of shooting a screen documentary, pursued by enemies and shadowed by striking Israeli Mossad agent Zara Margolin and suspicious Egyptian authorities, in a hunt that covers USA, UK and secret archaeological sites in Egypt.

Can he find and penetrate the deadly series of chambers of the Sanctuary of Thoth that guards the Stela of Destiny before a dangerous new dawn breaks for humankind?

'The Ibis Apocalypse' is a danger-fraught adventure that unfolds against the background of ancient Egypt's enthralling legend and mythology.

Saturday, February 1, 2014