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Now a series of 7 suspense and adventure novels with a mysterious ancient Egyptian theme

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A fiction writer's most memorable impressions of Egypt

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Egyptian cat... one of our dogs, Rameses, was smitten with it.

We've had dynasties of dogs with names like Seti, Rameses, Pharoah... and now Anubis

The excitement of discovery... in Egypt and archaeology-based adventure fiction

Imagine finding this Egyptian falcon in the sands of Egypt...(my favourite British Museum replica!)

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Take young people to museums and the 2 THINGS THEY MOST WANT TO SEE...

The dinosaur... and the mummy

If you can still remember the frisson of gazing at both, try the tingle of mysterious adventure friction in 'The Egyptian Mythology Murders" or 'Godseed Resurrection... or other titles on this blog... or visit Roy Lester Pond on Amazon Kindle. 

A character is obsessed with Rider Haggard's "She" in my latest "The Cleopatra Death Conspiracy"

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With acknowledgements to the father of the ‘Lost Queen’ mythos, Henry Rider Haggard

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Is part of the mystery of ancient Egypt that it fascinates you so mysteriously?

My passion for ancient Egypt is to me as mysterious as ancient Egypt itself.

Where did the inexplicable pull begin?

Ancient Egypt did not interest my parents or any other member of my family.

As I dig down through the layers to my childhood, I recall a few touchstones:-

Seeing 'The Egyptian' – movie

Reading 'Sinuhe, The Egyptian' – fiction. (I can never forget Nefernefernefer!)

Reading Rider Haggard’s novel 'She' with its Egyptian elements. (I acknowledge its impact in my latest story 'The Cleopatra Death Conspiracy'.)

I started penning Egyptian stories at around fourteen and attempted my first novel at sixteen.

I  even made youthful attempts at painting ancient Egypt.
I have haunted the museums of the world and made long and searching visits to Egypt.

And I have written, written and written about Egypt in novels and blogs.

So far I have penned an entire fiction series about a renegade Egyptologist by the name of Anson Hunter who explores unseen dangers from the ancient past – The Smiting Texts, The Hathor Holocaust, The Ibis Apocalypse, The Anubis Intervention, Egypt Eyes, The Forbidden Glyphs and The God Dig (Amazon Kindle).

Also, I have written over a dozen novels for younger readers.

I have tried to learn what it is that attracts others to Egypt, the reason why people queue up in their thousands to stand in the golden aura of Tutankhamun’s treasures.
It's more than the lure of gold. 

Ancient Egypt is certainly compelling, and in a book by Michael Rice and Sally MacDonald, called 'Consuming Egypt', a research study on consumer attitudes to ancient Egypt gives many fascinating insights.

Most intriguing for me, as I have long suspected, they don't think of ancient Egypt as a place or a time, but more of a bubble in time, a self-contained concept that is endlessly satisfying to them.  

In this bubble float pyramids, Cleopatra, Tutankhamun and of course golden treasures.

Consumers, particularly younger ones, believe that tombs were built with tomb traps inside purely as some kind of 'dare' to intruders to try to find the pharaoh's hidden treasure. Rather like a computer game.

And yet… my passion for Egypt is still a mystery and it shows little sign of abating.

I can never look up at a night sky without imagining pharaoh’s Barque of Millions of Years sailing among the stars.

My favourite Egyptian piece. (I even take it on the road.)

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"The combination of light and shadow and the voluptuousness of ancient Egypt... in adventure fiction..."

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"The voluptuousness of ancient Egypt... in adventure fiction..."


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UPDATE: Ancient Egypt and Outer Space... is ancient Egypt taking over the universe?


It continues - the curious 'ancient Egyptianization' of outer space...

"Incredible Footage of OSIRIS-REx Being Launched Towards an Asteroid

NASA’s spacecraft will intercept Bennu, a small butpotentially hazardous near-Earth object..." (Observer)


The association continues to build... according to this recent item "Bennu... Formerly known as 1999 RQ36, the space rock was chosen by process of elimination as the destination for the UA-led OSIRIS-REx mission, which will pick up a sample of its regolith and return it to Earth for analysis. Launch is little more than two months away."

We are not the only ones to fuse ancient Egypt and outer space. 

The ancient Egyptians' built creation stories out of stellar events. 
The sacred Benben stone, centre-piece of the temple of Ra in Heliopolis, was in all likelihood a conical meteorite that fell to earth in Egypt, its pyramidion shape finding echoes in obelisks and in pyramids themselves. 

The ancient Egyptians prized 'iron of the sky', meteoric iron used in the making of jewellery beads, ceremonial daggers (Tutankhamun's treasure provides a famous example of this) and in the sacred adze used in the opening of the mouth ceremony.

OSIRIS-Rex, Philae and Rosetta are just two more examples, and names, in a long comet’s tail of associations between outer space and ancient Egypt.*

Think of the asteroid Apophis (the great Egyptian serpent god of outer darkness) that threw a scare into us when it was feared it might strike earth.

Think of the canonical use of sarcophagus-like sleep capsules used by distant travellers in science fiction movies, with 'Interstellar' being the latest example.

Like astronauts, mummies are bound up in elaborate white suits with masks for their journey through eternity.

Consider the Great Pyramid as the largest ever gantry for a space shot to put the pharaoh's soul into space and orbit among the imperishable circumpolar stars.

In fact you might say that ancient Egypt devised the first ‘space ship’ – a pharaoh’s barque that traveled through the heavens like the sun in a journey of millions of years.

The first 'space ship'- from ancient Egypt?

*(In one of my fictional adventure mysteries, 'THE RA VIRUS'', I build on this tradition where a meteorite bearing a deadly pathogen is suspected of being the cause of an 'Eleventh Plague of Egypt')

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