Monday, November 30, 2015

Kindle Egypt Offerings - Mystery & Thriller Fiction Series

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Enjoy Egypt at its most enthralling and mysterious in a series about a renegade, alternative Egyptologist - 'The Smiting Texts', 'The Hathor Holocaust', 'The Ibis Apocalypse', 'The Anubis Intervention', 'Egypt Eyes'. 'The Forbidden Glyphs' and 'The God Dig'.

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Friday, November 27, 2015

Have you ever queued up for a Tutankhamun exhibition?

"Ancient Egypt? Isn't that subject a bit narrow?" a fellow professional said to me on hearing that I write adventure thriller fiction about ancient Egypt. "Who would be interested in it?"

Who indeed.

Anyone who loves ancient Egypt documentaries and admires those who popularize it

Anyone who has ever queued up for hours and stood spellbound at an exhibition of Egypt's ancient Treasures...

Anyone who has ever wandered around temples, tombs, pyramids and the Sphinx, dazzled by their power as much as by the Egyptian sun…

Anyone who has ever dreamed of being an archaeologist… or has actually become one...

Anyone who has ever felt the tingle of standing in front of ancient mummies wrapped in magical spells, mystery and myths…
Anyone who has ever wondered, even for a moment, about unseen dangers from the ancient past…
Anyone who has ever been fascinated by ancient Egypt as a child…

Anyone who has ever longed to experience Egypt’s archaeological sites today…

If you’ve ever wanted to escape into an enthralling world of adventure, mystery, dangers, conspiracy and startling discovery…

The female mummy - deadlier of the species to the ancient Egyptians

The Egyptians were nervous about the anger of the female dead. They could be particularly spiteful to the living if offended.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

"I hope Pond's books aren't prophecies!" An interesting fiction reader's comment, Amazon UK

An age of men,gods and demigods
"I do enjoy these books... I actually learn something from each book. Stuff is still out there that we don't know about. I hope Pond's books aren't prophecies!"

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Jennefer liked to assemble clues and make a display of them. The museum curator impulse?

Now a fiction series with THE OBELISK CONSPIRACY

A mummy named Isis is taken to a hospital for a non-invasive imaging scan… so begins a mystery and a string of deaths.

An ancient cycle unfolds in modern day London - and a search for eternal love.

Can Jennefer, a young trainee museum curator and Jon, a police antiquities unit detective, stop the killings in time before a terrible culmination of events? 

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Wednesday, November 11, 2015


Mummies - a reader magnet. This series of blogs reminds me of several 'afterlife' novels in my collection
Afterlife: Gifts from Thebes

There are several novels in my collection with a strong and mysterious afterlife theme, such as:-


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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Legend of the undiscovered Great Egyptian Labyrinth persists in the news

Enter ancient Egypt's Lost Labyrinth (The Smiting Texts)

Lost beneath the sands... a maze with 1500 underground chambers - a structure once said to be more impressive than the pyramids

The Great Labyrinth is in the news again:

Researchers confirm: Giant Ancient Egyptian underground Labyrinth exists and could rewrite history

This structure, in its time considered more impressive than the pyramids, is at the heart of my archaeological thriller "The Smiting Texts"

THEY MOVED carefully through the next section of the labyrinth.

The passage abruptly widened into a cavern filled with water. They saw two lakes, like large swimming pools, one shaped like a stomach, the other like the liver. The water, stale and brackish, looked as dark as oil slicks. They went around them.

Scatterings of yellowed bones encrusted the edges of the lakes.

“Crocodiles,” Anson said. “The reptiles lived down here once. Perhaps the priests fed them, drawing them here along a secret channel that once linked up with ancient Lake Moeris.”

They circled the lakes.

Did something still live there? What would it be? He pictured saurian eyes, slivered like moons, breaking the surface of the water to watch them, then a crocodile head emerging, and then a body, but not the body of a reptile, but a slab-chested man, streaming water. Half man, half crocodile. Sobek.

They reached another passage that opened up around them into a vestibule and then passed into a vast porticoed hall.

It was a hall that represented the chest cavity of the god. It was also a treasure chest of staggering proportions.

“Dear God of our Fathers!” the Coptic monk Daniel said in a gasp.

“Out of the magic of its gold, heaven was born,” Anson said.

They were looking at the amassed hoard of the Neteru.

first in the Anson Hunter fiction series.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Love watching documentaries and reading about Egypt?

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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

"The Obelisk Prophecy" - excerpt. Secret at the heart of a great world religion?

Egyptian obelisk, St Peter’s Square, The Vatican

(Excerpt from The Obelisk Prophecy - our investigators,  Egyptologist/Museum curator Jennefer and Antiquities policeman, Jon, visit the Vatican obelisk)

Flocks of believers, and the questioning, descended like pigeons on St Peter’s Square.

Many visitors were fearful, Jennefer noted, casting anxious eyes at the clouds of dust up above.

This was the Vatican, yet it put her in mind of Vesuvian Pompeii, the sky laden with disaster.

Jennefer caught up with her investigative partner who was busy circling the Vatican’s four thousand year old Egyptian obelisk that stood mounted on bronze lions and rose eighty-three feet into the dusty sky.

“What are you doing?” she said.

“I’m trying to tell the time.”

Jon followed a curve of pale travertine blocks set in the cobblestones like the hub of a wheel that fanned out in radiating lines.

“You have a watch, don’t you?” she said.

“We’re standing on one. This square is actually a vast sundial, the obelisk acting as the giant gnomon casting a shadow.” He stopped. “Even with this dust, I can tell it’s almost midday. Or perhaps midnight.”

“For the world, that is. Ironic that an ancient Egyptian obelisk is counting down the days to the end of civilization.”

She’d forgotten about the square’s role as a sundial, concentrating on the obelisk’s ancient past rather than on its present utility. It belonged to an unknown pharaoh from around the fifth dynasty, she recalled, and had travelled a great deal before its arrival here.

“I’ll tell you something else that’s ironic,” Jon said. “This circle around the shaft of the obelisk is a symbolic vagina. Those in the know are amused that there’s an act of copulation going on right in the heart of celibate city.” He pointed to the Pope’s balcony. “The Pope looks beatifically over it every time he addresses the throng from up there.”

She frowned.

They were trying to crack a code to stop a world calamity and he was cracking jokes.

But it was more than that. She felt uneasy to think that they were both standing on a marker of time inexorably measuring the hours, reminding her of the urgency of their investigation.

A count down to the end of civilization, he’d said.

The dust-laden sky made it look like the end.

The red dust haze turned St Peter’s Basilica, its cupola, and the embracing arms of Tuscan colonnades around the square into historical sepia that added to the place’s powerful sense of mystery.

“This obelisk is peculiar in being uninscribed,” she said, “which sadly doesn’t reveal many secrets to us.”

“Maybe we’re looking in the wrong place.”


He pointed up at a metal globe perched beneath a cross on top of the obelisk.

“What about the secret up there? That hollow globe. Great hiding spot. Legend tells that originally the globe held Julius Caesar’s ashes. But when they moved the obelisk here from an earlier site in Rome, they opened it and found the missing phallus of Osiris instead... no, just kidding. Only dust inside. And no mummy dust, either. Just plain old dust, like the stuff blowing in the sky.”

“Not very helpful, Jon. We’re looking for answers. What can we learn here?”

They learnt something sooner than expected - that their close inspection of the monument has been observed all the while by two burly shadows in black that now appeared unexpectedly at a few minutes past midday on the sundial.

“We wish to hear an answer too,” the one man spoke in an accent that sounded midway between Italian and… German? “You will come with us, please.”

Jennefer blinked in surprise at the two new arrivals. Fair men in black suits.

Swiss, maybe. Swiss guards in plain clothes?

Had their inspection of the obelisk brought them out of the shadowy heart of the Vatican palace?

“Have we broken some cardinal rule?” Jon said, pretending flippant unconcern at the intrusion.

“The Holy Father is hoping that you have learnt something from this monument that will help the world.”

That’s when it seemed to Jennefer that the sun stopped in the sky, just as the sun-god Ra’s boat sometimes paused in the heavens in Egyptian mythology.

Even the crowds of people in St Peter’s Square seemed to freeze, growing as still as the obelisk.

The Holy Father.

“His Holiness is waiting to see you.”

“Jesus,” Jon said.

“Not exactly. Merely Our Lord’s representative on earth,” one of the men said with a glimmer of a smile.

An audience with the Pope?

What next..?