Thursday, July 28, 2016

Dynasty Zero. A primordial clash of humans, gods and demon demigods.

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Dynasty Zero. A primordial clash of humans, gods and demon demigods.

A young demigod boy Nemes, a future unifier of pharaonic Egypt, also known to history as Narmer, lived on the fault line between deity and humanity. It was a time of the gods and demigods, when the throne of the god Horus shook and the weak hands of men stretched out to catch the crown and seize the scepter of Egypt.

The demon demigods did not stand by, but seized the moment to strike.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

"THE RA BOAT JUDGEMENT" - have the animal headed gods of Egypt risen against archaeology?

New edition - fourth in the Anson Hunter series

Can one renegade archaeologist, Anson Hunter, save the world’s top Egyptologists in ‘THE RA BOAT JUDGEMENT’?
Mysterious boat invaders take over a congress of Egyptologists aboard SUNBOAT RA, a luxury Nile cruise vessel, then force them to confess their secrets.
Who are the invaders masked as the golden gods of Egypt? Criminals? Neo-pagans? Fundamentalist ideologues? Some secret masonic-style conspirators with ancient Egypt and the mystery religions as their impetus?
Or have the gods of Egypt risen against Egyptology?
And what is the astounding secret discovery the invaders are so determined to unearth from the delegates?
Could the revelation have consequences for all of humanity?

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Egyptian 'House of Eternity' - eternal home decoration, Neues Museum, Berlin

The deity depicted on the base is uncertain - the plumes in her hands might suggest the goddess of truth, Maat.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Ancient Egypt's ultimate labour saving devices - they worked for you throughout eternity

Shabtis populated ancient Egyptian tombs. 
Macabre little manikins, they were designed to labour for the dead in the afterlife. 
Some tombs stacked as many as three hundred and sixty five with the dead, one for every day of the year, plus a few extras as overseers.
They just don't build labour-saving devices the way they used to.

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Rameses II, Nubia

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