Tuesday, March 14, 2023

New edition: "THE SARCOPHAGUS' - a timeslip adventure into mythological Egypt

Adventure, mystery, across the boundaries of time. An archaeologist with a bow shoots an arrow into adventure...In the modern age, Ryder an archaeologist in Egypt discovers a mysterious empty sarcophagus in a tomb. Then his Egyptologist partner Janet goes missing.He vows to go after her, even if it means journeying across the boundaries of reason and existence. Ahead of Ryder and his dog lies a pre-dynastic realm of myth: the mysterious Mistress of the Bow and Ruler of Arrows, the evil Lord Set, legions of animal-headed creatures, the venerable bird-man, the child Horus. And key to it all is the quest for the magical amulets of power. A life-and-death struggle is on at the edge of time. And the universe watches - and waits. Roy Lester Pond on AMAZON

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