Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Writing Egypt Fiction was my 2nd job – now it's my 2nd career

My Living Flame Television commercial for natural gas won gold at Mobius International Film Festival, Chicago

What does a young writer do before he can afford to write books full time? 

(I wouldn’t wish an author’s salary on anyone - at least not in their early days!)

I joined the Mad Men, working as an advertising copywriter and Creative Director in various multi-national agencies. I eventually worked in an agency with my own name on the door for almost a decade (Pond, Rice, Ogilvy & Mather).
Here are some more of my ads from my Mad Men days of my first career.

I coined this phrase back in 1979! It passed into the language somewhat and even turned up decades later on an American Cancer site

Towards the end of my ad career I chose to work for causes - like this campaign for World Vision worldwide. It also appeared on television. Along with the TV, it won a Mobius award 'best
cause campaign'
Lest we forget - for dementia

My second career... so far

Today, after years of visiting Egypt on research trips, writing fiction about ancient Egypt and archaeology is finally my career - and writing advertising for causes is my second job.

 Years of experiencing and researching Egypt

Here below is my series of adventure thrillers about a renegade outsider, Egyptologist Anson Hunter, an adventurer and theorist who has a vast and arcane knowledge about ancient Egypt's religious and magical practices... and a healthy respect for dangers today from the ancient past.

We first meet Anson Hunter in The Smiting Texts. Here is the series.


Sunday, January 29, 2012

"The Mummy's Revenge" Egypt children's fiction hit... returns on Kindle

Long before Harry Potter there was cousin Harry and his scary Egypt computer games...

This time for young Egypt fiction readers...(under the name Roy Pond)

Harry is really weird. But he is family, so Josh and Amy try to make their cousin feel at home during his visit. That’s when Harry shows them the game. The Mummy Monster Game. A game where the players find the pieces of a mummy – and put it back together again.

But each time they play, the game become more and more realistic, leaking dangers into their lives. So when Harry and Amy become trapped in the mummy’s tomb – inside the game – Josh realizes that this is a game like no other. This game is very real. And very deadly.

The first in a trilogy of Egypt adventures with Josh, Amy and Cousin Harry. Now on Kindle 

A great favourite with US children and schools, now in an Amazon Kindle edition

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

2nd thriller in the Egypt series after The Smiting Texts

The Hathor Holocaust - scorching Egypt adventure thriller. 2nd in the series after The Smiting Texts

See the series here

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Do you prefer ancient Egypt historical fiction – or modern adventure set against Egypt’s past?

Egypt fiction set in the past - or modern adventure set against the past?

A childhood favourite

I began by relishing historical ancient Egypt fiction - especially Mika Waltari’s The Egyptian – but in my own writing so far I prefer to explore the ancient past through a modern sensibility.

I prefer my main character, such as my controversial rogue Egyptologist Anson Hunter, to be a hero who collides with the ancient past and its dangers  - rather than be a character who lives in another time.

I’m not sure I would even read a 'costume drama' set in Egypt any more, let alone attempt to write one.

What sort of Egypt fiction do you prefer?

The Anson Hunter Egypt adventure thriller series

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A lost, 2nd Great Sphinx? Just one of the dangerous secrets in The Anubis Intervention

What secret would a second Great Sphinx hide?

Early books speak of two great sphinxes like a pair of colossal bookends guarding the entrance to the Nile.

And in fact there did exist a second sphinx, according to Arab historians, a clay structure destroyed by earthquake and flood. 

But was this second, earthen sphinx on the Nile a poor relation of a sublime counterpart, an echo of another great structure from a distant age? 

Controversial archaeologist Anson Hunter theorizes exactly this in 'The Anubis Intervention' and fears that this second sphinx guards a dangerous secret.

But where is this lost chimera hidden?

It's just one of the revelations in the archaeological thriller, fourth in the series after The Smiting Texts, The Hathor Holocaust and The Ibis Apocalypse (Kindle and paperback from Amazon)

Monday, January 16, 2012

Now the complete series of Anson Hunter Egypt adventure novels is available

Now for the first time, the complete set of novels featuring renegade Eyptologist Anson Hunter is available in both Kindle and Amazon paperback editions

Please take a look inside and see opening chapters here

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A lost pyramid, the lost 2nd Great Sphinx, a cataclysmic secret...

Masked attackers take over a Nile cruise boat filled with the world's top archaeologists. Have the gods risen up against Egyptology?

Here is a Kindle screen grab - the Prologue to the new Egypt suspense novel that follows The Smiting Texts, The Hathor Holocaust and The Ibis Apocalypse

Anson Hunter, renegade archaeologist and theorist, must find three of ancient Egypt's greatest lost treasures... in order to save a boatload of souls...
in a daring mission of guerilla archaeology - at gunpoint.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Praise for THE SMITING TEXTS... #1 in ancient Egypt adventure series

#1 in an an Egyptian adventure series...

“A sumptuous feast of Egypt's ancient past. The interspersed tale is particularly beautiful. Wonderfully clever and original.” - The Truth About Books, UK.
“Compellingly brought to life … a fast-paced adventure story that pulls you in and won’t let go, even after the last page.” - Read Between the Lines, Edinburgh.
"Such a great book! Very imaginative and factual at the same time... hopefully will reach a far wider readership than the Egyptology community." - Egypt Then and Now.
About The Author
The author's depth of knowledge as a writer of books on Egypt comes from a lifetime spent studying ancient Egypt and Egyptian archaeology and from numerous research trips to Egypt.
He is fascinated by the mystery of ancient Egypt and its potency and relevance for today's world.