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Where in Egypt is this goddess? (Answer next post)

Do you enjoy Egypt adventure fiction with a powerful sense of place - and mystery?

Then discover the investigative series of novels featuring the alternative Egyptologist Anson Hunter:

The Smiting Texts
The Hathor Holocaust
The Ibis Apocalypse
The Anubis Intervention
Egypt Eyes

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Thoth & the world's fate written in stone - Egypt adventure fiction

Thoth, Egypt's Master of Dangerous Words of Power


Egypt's forbidden power...
The fate of the world written in stone.

Third in my series of Egyptology adventure mystery thrillers after 'The Smiting Texts' and 'The Hathor Holocaust'...

Was Egypt's magical Book of Thoth originally carved in stone - on a stela - rather than written on a scroll?

Anson Hunter, controversial alternative Egyptologist and theorist, is obsessed with locating the forbidden Stela of Destiny before the wrong people get hold of it.

The Stela, or stone book, of Thoth, Egypt's god of magic, is the most powerful and malefic source of esoteric texts ever written. The texts bring frightening power but also a terrible backlash. Twice in history the contents have come to light - the first time in the reign of Rameses the Great, linked with the Plagues of Egypt and the suffering of the Hebrews, and in 1939 when a German Egyptologist took rubbings of the stone texts to Hitler's Germany before the horrors of World War II.

Israeli Intelligence and its allies in the USA become alarmed when the Destiny Stela threatens to break into history once again. As they are all too aware, the Stela of Destiny is the Holy Grail for organisations and conspirators with dangerous political and religious agendas, both in the USA and in Europe.

Anson embarks on an investigation under the cover of shooting a screen documentary, pursued by enemies and shadowed by striking Israeli Mossad agent Zara Margolin and suspicious Egyptian authorities, in a hunt that covers USA, UK and secret archaeological sites in Egypt.

Can he find and penetrate the deadly series of chambers of the Sanctuary of Thoth that guards the Stela of Destiny before a dangerous new dawn breaks for humankind?

'The Ibis Apocalypse' is a danger-fraught adventure that unfolds against the background of ancient Egypt's enthralling legend and mythology.

The Hathor Holocaust - a modern archaeological adventure, an ancient holocaust sun

Hathor-Sekhmet, daughter of Egypt's sun god Ra, and Destroyer of Humankind


"The HATHOR HOLOCAUST" second in my series of Ancient Egyptian adventure mystery thrillers, follows "The Smiting Texts".

Can a renegade Egyptologist stop the re-activation of an ancient apocalypse of plague, pestilence and global scorching?

An apocalyptic danger has arisen from the ancient past in Egypt today bringing a threat to the Middle East and also to the West - of plague, pestilence, fiery destruction and global scorching.
Anson Hunter, controversial, alternative Egyptologist, theorist, blogger and phenomenologist is the hero of this historical adventure novel with a rich mythological vein. Followed by Western Intelligence organizations, shadowed by a mysterious androgyne assassin, he must race to avert a crisis in a quest spanning USA, Britain and Egypt. Who is behind the plan to trigger an apocalypse? Neo-religionists, Torchbearers with a dangerous New Age agenda, Christian dispensationalists who are eager to bring on the 'end times' or radical Islamists with a hatred of the West?
In mythology, Ra Egypt's sun god, hurled an execration upon a rebellious humankind and, in a hot rage, despatched the scorching Eye of Ra, a holocaust sun in the form of the goddess Sekhmet, to destroy them. A marauding lioness, her breath spread pestilence and plague and her claws and teeth death as she swept through Egypt in an orgy of killing. Then Ra had second thoughts and halted her apocalypse.
But the execration had been uttered and it was always feared that the inherently unstable agent of destruction - the Female Soul With Two Faces - would one day return to finish off what she had started, cleansing the earth.

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Friday, August 17, 2012

The Truth About Books... Egypt suspense, mystery and adventure

'The Smiting Texts' - Review

Now a series of suspense and adventure novels with a mysterious Egyptian theme

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

New. The Mummy Monster Game - complete 3 book set on Kindle

Egypt. Computer games. Scary fun fiction for young readers, and not so young
The Mummy Monster Game series is now available for the first time in a 3 book set - on Amazon Kindle.

“I literally consumed those three books when I read them! I sat and read the books in two days, and even when I wasn't reading them I was thinking about them. Though from memory I distinctly remember The Mummy Monster Game being my favourite, it's safe to say when I read them this time, the Mummy Rescue Mission was my favourite - I could literally feel the desperation Harry, Amy and Harry felt in trying to save Aunt Jillian. I had to keep reading at such a fast pace as though I had to keep up!
I like the idea of mixing video games with Egyptology, being that both those things interest me.
 But I must say, in retrospect, I'm glad I finally got my hands on these books, although I wish they were longer! I wanted - no, more like needed more to happen! It seemed as though I was finished when I started. I enjoyed them just as I did when I was younger, and now I can read them as often as I like.” – Carli M (Aug, 2012)

Little Cousin Harry is really weird, but he is family, so Josh and Amy decide to play along with him. They join Harry in playing a series of totally spooky ancient Egypt computer games.
Trouble is, Harry's games become more and more real and dangers start to leak out of the games into real life and into their lives.
The popular Egypt series - now available in one mega book of three adventures.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Add some more mystery to your mystery & thriller reading

6 mysteries of ancient Egypt to heighten the mystery quotient of your next Mystery & Thriller read

The Smiting Texts - the mystery of Egypt's lost labyrinth and dangerous cursing texts from the ancient past

The Hathor Holocaust - a mystery of an ancient holocaust sun and a modern conspiracy

The Ibis Apocalypse - the mystery of Thoth's dangerous Book of Stone

The Anubis Intervention - the mystery of golden masked attackers who rise like the gods against a shipload of Egyptologists

Egypt Eyes - the mystery of a forbidden secret under the sands and a satellite eye in the sky.

The Egypt Mystery & Thriller series (Kindle & Paperback)

Ancient Egypt emerges to send us text messages from eternity...

From the blog of Anson Hunter, renegade Egyptologist, in The Smiting Texts

'And that’s part of the wonder of Egypt, things half-hidden or lost. There’s nothing more mysterious and beautiful than that line where a ruin of Egypt’s past rises from the conquering empire of sand, the horizon where an ancient world meets a modern one and graven glyphs emerge to send text messages from eternity. It’s the power of the partly veiled, like a barely risen - or set - sun on the horizon...'

If you enjoy revelations from the ancient past, begin the Egypt adventure thriller series here - The Smiting Texts, The Hathor Holocaust, The Ibis Apocalypse, The Anubis Intervention, Egypt Eyes, The Forbidden Glyphs and The God Dig.

And now there's a novel that takes the power of text messages from the ancient past and brings it to life in a story about a an archaeology team member trapped in the ancient past after he tumbles through a treacherous false door.
He sends messages to his loved one today through the layers of time... warning clues from the past about a time of an ancient viral pestilence...

Thursday, August 2, 2012

"Ancient Egypt is one of the characters" in this adventure thriller series

Egypt - the most mysterious character you may ever meet in a fiction series