Friday, April 25, 2014

The more inaccessible Egypt becomes, the more attractive it is to the popular imagination

Egypt fiction. and mystery, that gets you there

The more inaccessible today's Egypt becomes for travelers, with its post-revolution turbulence, the more desirable it seems to become in flights of popular imagination.

Currently in production or planning:-

Ridley Scott's 'Pharaoh' for HBO
Fox's 'Hieroglyphs'
'The Gods of Egypt, presently being shot in Sydney, starring a Game of Thrones sta, 
A new Mummy movie 
The possibility of an ancient Egypt themed Assassin's Creed in the works...
Stargate movie about to get a reboot

Can't get to Egypt right now? Maybe my Egyptian archaeology fiction titles will get you there...

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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

7 archaeology-based thriller openings with fiction's controversial Egyptologist Anson Hunter

Open a world of adventure and forbidden secrets from the ancient past

The Smiting Texts
THEY INTERCEPTED him as he came out of Baltimore-Washington Airport, two men wearing suits and an air of officialdom like a brisk cologne. 
“Mr Anson Hunter, the British Egyptologist?”

The Hathor Holocaust

AN EMAIL arrived at his hotel, giving him an address in South Kensington and a caution:
‘Come alone. Take care you are not followed. Change trains or taxis.’
It was a message from a mysterious young woman who had ambushed him on a train to London.

The Ibis Apocalypse
“SORRY ANSON. Your search for the stela ends here.”
The voice of the woman funneled down the underground passage, the echoes fluttering off the stone like startled bats. Anson Hunter, alternative Egyptologist and theorist, felt a chill as the words reached his ears. It was caused as much by the emotional separation in her voice as by its distance.

Rising of the Nile Gods

SUNBOAT RA sat at the Nile quay in a burning haze of lights like a cake festooned with candles.

Two lumbering shadows broke out of the night, arriving like gatecrashers at a party. Covered trucks, they pulled up hard and figures jumped out.

Anubis. Isis. Osiris. Sobek. Maat. Thoth. Horus. Nephthys.

Egypt Eyes 

WHAT HAPPENED in the Temple of Isis today?

I stepped straight out of the dimly lit sanctuary and into a meaty hand that clamped around my mouth. The hand muffled my gasp as I was yanked aside. 

The Forbidden Glyphs 

THE ARCHAEOLOGIST Anson Hunter plummeted, tumbling uncontrollably into darkness.

Was it a tomb shaft he was plunging down, he thought, feeling the darkness rip past his body?

The God Dig

Egyptian tour guides will tell you that it’s good luck to walk in a complete circle around the Step Pyramid of Saqqara.
It’s even luckier if you’re able to run, Anson Hunter thought after two bullets in quick succession spat dust from the ground at his feet  

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Monday, April 14, 2014

Author Profile - Roy Lester Pond, Egypt-based adventure thrillers and mysteries

Roy Lester Pond’s depth of knowledge as a writer of fiction on Egypt comes from a lifetime spent studying ancient Egypt and Egyptian archaeology. He and his wife Brenda have been to Egypt on numerous research trips. Roy is fascinated by the mystery of ancient Egypt and its potency and relevance for today’s world. ‘The Smiting Texts’ was his first archaeological thriller, followed by a series featuring renegade Egyptologist Anson Hunter, as well as other stand-alone adventures. Roy spent much of his life in Africa and now lives in Australia where, as an advertising Creative Director, he wrote internationally recognised campaigns for various causes, charities and brands. "Writing Egypt fiction was my second job in the beginning. Now it's my second career." Roy Tweets regularly about Egypt and adventure fiction writing under the Twittername “Egyptsnippets”.

See the Roy Lester Pond collection of Egypt-based fiction - Amazon paperback and Kindle

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Fiction's archaeologist recognizes 2 Egyptian underworlds...

Some ancient Egyptian antiquities found their way into the underworld twice, Anson Hunter had learnt.

The first time occurred when the tomb owner died and when the antiquities were buried in the ground. The second time came when an illegal collector bought them and hid them in a vault. This underworld and second burial was often the final one. They were hidden even more assiduously than before and were much harder to unearth.

(The Smiting Texts)

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Was it a tomb shaft he was plunging down, he thought, feeling the darkness rip past his body?

The archaeologist Anson Hunter plummeted, tumbling uncontrollably into darkness. 

Was it a tomb shaft he was plunging down, he thought, feeling the darkness rip past his body?

Yet instead of sliding walls of stone, he flew down a pit of glowing green perspective lines that converged at the point of infinity.
He saw a woman, depicted in graphic green mesh-lines of light, watching him drop.
The strands of her hair were like strings of binary computer code, a rainfall of green ones and zeroes and her Egyptian eyes were bright points of light.
When he hit bottom, a place where the darkness coalesced into crushing density, even his mind went dark,

After an eternity, he opened his eyes.

He was seeing stars.

But they were not stars in a night sky, instead they were leopard skin spots on a tight body gown worn by the ancient Egyptian goddess Seshat, Mistress of Knowledge. The spots transformed into stars and then into electronic green spangles against a darker green sky and in her headband appeared a crowning star with seven brilliant points and a downturned crescent above it.

He was either dead or had entered her realm.
Seshat spoke in a thrilling whisper that made his body quiver. It was the voice of the infinite, yet was as gentle and fluttering in his ears as a breeze...