Wednesday, July 15, 2015

GET LOST in the mysteries of ancient Egypt in this modern day fiction series...

Fiction on Amazon Kindle (and paperback)

  GET LOST in the Anson Hunter series (fiction's Egyptologist who battles dangers from the ancient past as well as modern day conspiracies that take their impetus from ancient Egypt):-
The Smiting Texts, The Hathor Holocaust, The Ibis Apocalypse, The Ra Boat Judgment, Egypt Eyes, The Forbidden Glyphs and The God Dig. 

The Egyptian Mythology Murders.

Now a series with The Obelisk Prophecy and The Egyptian Exhibition Killings (new).

Or in stand alone fiction such as:

The KA, VISITORS The Egypt Enigma, Text Messages from Eternity, CLEOPATRA Tomb of the Undead Queen, Egypt Trap, Dynasty Zero, The Sarcophagus and more...

Get lost at Amazon Kindle...