Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The power of ancient Egypt over the imagination (Now an Egypt X-MEN in the works)

The power of ancient Egypt over the imagination continues.

A colossal set with Set, the devil god of ancient Egypt

Now the revelation of an Egypt set from a new X-men, showing a colossal set with Set (the Egyptian bad guy of mythology).

It really does seem that the more inaccessible today's Egypt becomes for travelers, with its post-revolution turbulence, the more desirable it seems to become in flights of popular imagination.

Tutankhamun TV series with Ben Kingsley.

Currently in production or planning:- Ridley Scott's 'Pharaoh' for HBO 'The Gods of Egypt', shot in Sydney, starring a Game of Thrones star.
Talk of a Stargate movie about to get a reboot.
Can't get to Egypt right now? 

Maybe Egyptian archaeology fiction will get you there...