Monday, August 24, 2015

“Can you imagine this Egyptian obelisk with a giant condom on it?” Jon said.

Paris obelisk, Place de la Concorde, Satellite view

(Excerpt from The Obelisk Prophecy. Our two unusual investigators, an Egyptian Museum Curator Jennefer, and an Arts and Antiquities policeman, Jon, visit the Egyptian obelisk in Paris.)

Place De La Concorde, Paris

They joined tourists and Parisians in the largest public square in the city, The Place de la Concorde, an island surrounded by Parisian traffic, dominated by the spearing form of a seventy four-foot granite obelisk.

“Can you imagine this thing with a giant condom on it?” Jon said.

“Are you off again?”

“It actually happened. At the height of the AIDS crisis, an anti-AIDS charity unrolled a giant pink condom over the obelisk.”

‘It’s a wonder the sharp bronze and gold pyramidion that the French government put on top didn’t pop it,’ she thought.

They walked around its fenced perimeter. She scanned the obelisk’s textual propaganda that proclaimed the greatness of Rameses II.
What else did it say to her?

Was there a secret hidden in the stone, a code?

“Is it true that Josephine made a small request to Napoleon before he set off on his expedition to Egypt? ‘If you go to Thebes, do send me back a little obelisk?’ Two hundred and twenty seven tons of it!”
“Well, Napoleon started the ball rolling and eventually it found its way here,” she said. She noticed the large golden diagrams on its plinth, like glyphs, illustrating the mechanics of the obelisk’s erection on the site. “I feel for its twin sitting alone in Luxor, though,” she said. “The pair, tipped with electrum that flashed in the heavens, once received the first light of dawn together and dominated the pylon entrance to the temple of Luxor. An historian describes the scene today saying ‘its imposing pylon gate will always have the bereft appearance of an elephant with one tusk missing.’”

“And here its partner stands, in just as much dust as it ever saw in Egypt.”
She followed the obelisk’s apex to a sky laden with red dust. The obelisk seemed to be pointing like a finger of doom.

“These things do look remarkably like missiles pointed at the sky,” Jon said. “Or space rockets. I think it’s quite clear what’s really happened here and we’re overlooking the obvious again. The French have sent the missing relic into space. Bear with me. As we’ve noted, the island of Philae at Aswan is reputed to be one of the places where they buried the reassembled body of Osiris. I’m guessing that the lost false phallus of Osiris turned up among powdered remains of his body, dug up by modern day tomb raiders during the turmoil of Egypt’s revolution. Then the French somehow came by it, and, through the European Space Agency, put the relic on board the robot named Philae, which they landed on a comet... despatched by the mother-ship Rosetta… Rosetta stone, get it? Coded synchronicity. The Egyptians so loved it.”

“With your fertile brain you should have been a scriptwriter. Even if it were remotely possible, why would they do it?”

“They realised its apocalyptic danger to the world. What do you think?”

“We can relax and go home...”

Excerpt from "The Obelisk Prophecy" - new on Amazon Kindle

Act Up Paris (fr) covered the Egyptian obelisk with a giant pink condom to mark World AIDS day at height of AIDS crisis