Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Space lander Philae, mothership Rosetta, now a Star Wars Tut Mask!

Is ancient Egypt out of this world? (As seen on the web)

Not too long ago, Ancient Egypt landed on a comet.

In the form of the lander Philae, sent from mother ship Rosetta.

Philae and Rosetta were just two more examples, and names, in a long comet’s tail of associations between outer space and ancient Egypt.*

Think of the asteroid Apophis (the great Egyptian serpent god of outer darkness) that threw a scare into us when it was feared it might strike earth.

Think of the canonical use of sarcophagus-like sleep capsules used by distant travellers in science fiction movies, with 'Interstellar' being the latest example.

Like astronauts, mummies are bound up in elaborate white suits with masks for their journey through eternity.

Consider the Great Pyramid as the largest ever gantry for a space shot to put the pharaoh's soul into space and orbit among the imperishable circumpolar stars.

In fact you might say that ancient Egypt devised the first ‘space ship’ – a pharaoh’s barque that travelled through the heavens like the sun in a journey of millions of years.

*(In one of my fictional adventure mysteries, 'The Ra Virus' I build on this tradition where a meteorite bearing a deadly pathogen is suspected to be the cause of an 'Eleventh Plague of Egypt')