Sunday, January 24, 2016

THE EGYPTIAN MYTHOLOGY MURDERS Love cursed, mythic fiction set in the modern day

LOVE CURSED… Isis on a modern day quest for her lover Osiris

A cycle of love and chaos from Egypt’s ancient past comes to the modern world... in the return of Isis, Osiris, and ‘Lord of Chaos’ Seth.

A museum mummy called Isis is put into a hospital scanning machine and blasted with radiation. Awakened and regenerating, Isis repeats a 5,000-year quest to find her beloved Osiris.

‘I, Isis, Great of Magic, will rise and search for you, Osiris…'

But their ancient enemy Seth is coming with murder in his heart.

Born from next-generation sequencing of mummy DNA unearthed in Egypt in revolution, Seth is on the loose. After world wind growth to adulthood, disaster - his body is going into cellular chaos, his DNA regressing to its earlier mummified state. And, just as his body descends into chaos, so does the world around him. As Egypt’s Lord of Chaos, Seth knows that by the time his body degrades to a mummified state – the chaos will be impossible to stop. Yet before that time he must complete a pre-ordained cycle. He must find his enemy Osiris and murder him, just as he did in ancient days.

Now an ancient cycle unfolds in modern day London, a rampage of disaster and death - and a search for eternal love. 

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