Sunday, March 27, 2016

'VIRTUAL ETERNITY, EGYPT' Runners in a deadly cyberworld Egypt - "hits the ground running"....

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"E S C A P E into the mysterious world of Roy Lester Pond Egypt fiction thrillers!"

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Saturday, March 26, 2016

WATCH KHUFU REBORN 3D (Gt Pyramid) If you don't think there was something extraordinary going on in ancient Egypt...

Khufu Reborn - Dassault Systemes (Documentary)

Half way through this and I just started shaking my head once again at the ancient Egyptians' staggering intelligence...

If you don't believe that there was something quite extraordinary going on in this amazing and mysterious civilization... well, I'll stop writing Egypt-based archaeological thrillers!

Thursday, March 24, 2016


Fiction that "deserves a far wider audience than the Egyptology community" one reviewer said about THE SMITING TEXTS. 

But is it possible to write genre- and category-busting Egyptian fiction?

And would you, the reader, want it?

12 questions for you...

1. DO YOU like ancient Egypt historical fiction? (khepesh and sandles)

"Roy Lester Pond joins my favourite Egypt authors like Christian Jacq" - Goodreads

2. DO YOU like archaeological adventure thriller fiction set against Egypt’s past? (Indiana Jones)
“A very enjoyable read which fans of Indiana Jones would do well to dive into.”

3. DO YOU like archaeological conspiracy adventure with esoteric dangers from the ancient past? 
Series - fiction's renegade archaeologist

4. DO YOU like mythology-driven Egyptian mystery fiction?
"Love this genre." Amazon UK. A new paranormal series

5. DO YOU like ancient Egypt with science, sci-fi and time-slip?
"Fans of the Stargate franchise would (also) do well to dive in..."

6. DO YOU like pre-dynastic, mythic fiction about the age of gods, demigods and heroes?
"Great reading..."(Amazon US)

7. DO YOU like ancient Egyptian crime and mystery fiction?

8. DO YOU like ancient Egyptian literary fiction?

9. DO YOU like ancient Egypt 'lost realm' fiction?

10. DO YOU like ancient Egypt 'romance and historical' fiction?

11. DO YOU like ancient Egypt fiction with a youthful flavour?
(Young fiction written as Roy Pond)

12. OR... DO YOU perhaps like a change and a choice of styles to suit your reading mood?

Check out the Roy Lester Pond Egypt fiction collection - probably the largest choice of Egypt fiction titles by a single author.

(And please, if you like, let me know what Egypt reading YOU like best.)


Wednesday, March 23, 2016

In 'TEXT MESSAGES FROM ETERNITY" a WHO epidemiologist uses human breast milk cure! NOW A DISCOVERY!

Milk of human kindness - an answer to superbugs?
Flasks like this were used to hold mother's milk

I don't know if it's disturbing or exciting to have a theory in my novels become fact. ("I hope Pond's books aren't prophecy", an Amazon reader recently commented.) But now my fictional hero's use of mother's milk to fight a plague in ancient Egypt is looking decidedly more like fact than fiction. (Science article in International Business Times.)

But I suppose my blog is about ancient Egypt fiction and fact...
so, readers, you are duly warned...

Meet epidemiologist Lucas Burrows who finds himself trapped in ancient Egypt during reign of pestilence. Now on Amazon Kindle


Monday, March 21, 2016

Why would an assailant against earth plant courage instead of fear in the population? THE HERO VIRUS

"5 stars for an apocalyptic novel so different" Goodreads


I’d wondered why, if an unknown assailant lay behind the viral outbreak, they would choose to spread courage rather than fear among the population.

But the reason became evident.

Those whom the gods wish to destroy they first make mad.

Madly brave.

Fired with courage without the caution of fear they fronted enemies they once feared, sparked reprisals, conflict and bloodshed in the streets - and raised the threat of reckless wars between nations. And for those that remained after the carnage? History had shown that it was harder to kill a shadowy enemy, the terrorist, the guerilla, the coward, those who shrank into the cracks like spiders.

Bring them out into the open instead.

In this new world of courage, the brave ended up dead. 

Thursday, March 17, 2016


Ancient Egypt and climate change. THE OSIRIS SEED MUMMY

Revenge for climate change? Paranormal fiction on AMAZON KINDLE
New edition.
Fear, murder and mythology in a timely novella.
A mysterious grain mummy is discovered buried in the desert outside a remote Egyptian oasis.
Its finder, Gaia, a young historical climatologist, dreams of saving the planet.
But what has she released into the world? Death strikes and fear grows as a violent sandstorm traps the archaeology team and throws a heavy responsibility on her admirer, young American archaeologist Bradley, second in charge of the project.
Could this be the revenge of the resurrection god against climate change and the destruction of our green planet?

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

More than 10 Plagues of Egypt? "THE PHARAOH PLAGUES" (amazon Kindle)

Amenhotep III, father of Akhenaten, constructed hundreds of statues to placate Sekhmet, the Lady of Pestilence  

“What hit this place?” Lucas said, looking around at the untidy array of tombs like open mouths in the ground. It was a sign of unplanned and therefore hasty burials. He had seen a pattern of excavation like this before at Amarna where an outbreak of bubonic plague had struck the population in the reign of the pharaoh Akhenaten.

“I knew you’d be here like a shot when I told you about it. The theory that some kind of pestilence struck Malkata and Thebes in the reign of Amenhotep III is now looking to be true.”
The temple of Mut at Karnak and many of the great museums of the world were proof of it. In a bid to ward off a pandemic, Amenhotep had feverishly produced hundreds upon hundreds of statues of the lioness goddess Sekhmet, seen as the spreader of pestilence and the vengeful eye of Ra. He was attempting to placate her and ward off a terrible blight... 

Excerpt from THE PHARAOH PLAGUES (Amazon Kindle fiction)

This novel places Egypt's Plagues and The Exodus in the reign/s of Amenhotep and Akhenaten. Is there new substantiation for this in a recent news report?

Archaeologists Discover Remains of Egyptian Army From the Biblical Exodus in Red Sea 


Saturday, March 12, 2016

THE HERO VIRUS. A family flees into Australia from a world infected by courage.

 GOODREADS "THE HERO VIRUS" “5 stars for being so different from other apocalypse books.
“What an interesting story. Reading their blogs and each viewpoint was unique. I felt like I was with them on their journey.”


FIND the Egyptian obelisk - before it's too late

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Friday, March 11, 2016

Was it an Osiris copycat Murder? "THE OBELISK PROPHECY"

The head...
The hand...
The foot....

... and eleven other pieces of an Egyptologist turn up.... 

"Murder in fourteen parts," he said.

Put the mysterious pieces together in THE OBELISK PROPHECY on AMAZON KINDLE 

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Jesus was a child refugee in Egypt... the target of time-travel abductors in THE RETRONAUTS

Egypt’s Coptic religion believes that The Holy Family lived and traveled around Egypt as refugees and fugitives for around five to seven years.

What was the boy like? Did he make the stone idols of Egypt tremble and topple before him as the Coptic tradition tells?

Meet him in "THE RETRONAUTS Egypt Jump".

A pair of time-travellers makes the greatest leap of faith in history, to save history and all that we believe in.

Sci-fi, ancient history and time-travel novella with a startling twist and revelation.

Drones... assassins… time-travel attackers with assault weapons search the ancient Nile… their target a boy king in Egypt.

At stake, the future of civilization and the belief systems of the world.

Standing in their way, two retronauts, Salome and Callen.

They must stop an abduction that could affect billions of lives.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Papyrus... Egypt built a civilization on its sand-coloured surface...

...just as surely as they built it on their desert land in stone

'Anson Hunter looked at the black and red script and illuminated vignettes and then beyond them to the network of the papyrus fibres, the grainy weft and warp, little horizons intersecting lines of hierarchy, heaven and earth, god and humankind. On this sand-coloured surface the Egyptians had built a civilization in ink, just as surely as they built it on their desert land in stone.'

Egypt's hieroglyphs, both concrete and ethereal... miniature monuments to stand for eternity

The most exquisite script ever invented

'Hieroglyphs were the most exquisite script ever invented by man, Anson Hunter reflected, miniature monuments, both concrete and ethereal, designed to stand for eternity. 

   Gods, birds,  eyes, mouths, feathers…

   Hieroglyphs possessed a peculiar resonance with magical power, the Egyptians believed, which was why Books of the Dead and other funerary texts were invariably written in hieroglyphs rather than in hieratic or demotic scripts...'

Monday, March 7, 2016

Ancient Egyptians had a peculiar fear of the female dead. THE EGYPTIAN MYTHOLOGY MURDERS

Discover why

The ancient Egyptians held a peculiar fear of the female dead and they dreaded their potential for wreaking harm against the living.

That dread was justified when the mummy of a mysterious female named Isis arrived in London, smuggled out in a shipment of mummies and artefacts by international tomb raiders exploiting an Egypt in revolution.

The artefacts were discovered and seized by authorities and held in storage in the basement of the British Museum for identification and safekeeping until their origin could be established and their return organised.

Then her mummy was sent to a hospital for a CT scan... 

The female mummy’s journey across the world was to re-activate a 5,000-year cycle that had consequences nobody could foresee.

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Sunday, March 6, 2016

9 5-star Egypt fiction titles on Amazon Kindle

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These Egypt-based fiction titles have scored a 5-star rating from readers:





ANCIENT VISITORS The Egypt Enigma (Goodreads)