Thursday, March 24, 2016


Fiction that "deserves a far wider audience than the Egyptology community" one reviewer said about THE SMITING TEXTS. 

But is it possible to write genre- and category-busting Egyptian fiction?

And would you, the reader, want it?

12 questions for you...

1. DO YOU like ancient Egypt historical fiction? (khepesh and sandles)

"Roy Lester Pond joins my favourite Egypt authors like Christian Jacq" - Goodreads

2. DO YOU like archaeological adventure thriller fiction set against Egypt’s past? (Indiana Jones)
“A very enjoyable read which fans of Indiana Jones would do well to dive into.”

3. DO YOU like archaeological conspiracy adventure with esoteric dangers from the ancient past? 
Series - fiction's renegade archaeologist

4. DO YOU like mythology-driven Egyptian mystery fiction?
"Love this genre." Amazon UK. A new paranormal series

5. DO YOU like ancient Egypt with science, sci-fi and time-slip?
"Fans of the Stargate franchise would (also) do well to dive in..."

6. DO YOU like pre-dynastic, mythic fiction about the age of gods, demigods and heroes?
"Great reading..."(Amazon US)

7. DO YOU like ancient Egyptian crime and mystery fiction?

8. DO YOU like ancient Egyptian literary fiction?

9. DO YOU like ancient Egypt 'lost realm' fiction?

10. DO YOU like ancient Egypt 'romance and historical' fiction?

11. DO YOU like ancient Egypt fiction with a youthful flavour?
(Young fiction written as Roy Pond)

12. OR... DO YOU perhaps like a change and a choice of styles to suit your reading mood?

Check out the Roy Lester Pond Egypt fiction collection - probably the largest choice of Egypt fiction titles by a single author.

(And please, if you like, let me know what Egypt reading YOU like best.)