Sunday, March 6, 2016

Some scary Egyptian characters in this popular 3-book set (AMAZON KINDLE)

Before Harry Potter books, there was cousin Harry and his scary magical computer games set in ancient Egypt

For young readers - on AMAZON KINDLE
(under the name Roy Pond).


Little Cousin Harry is really weird. But he is family, so Josh and Amy try to make their cousin feel at home during his visit. That’s when Harry shows them the game. The Mummy Monster Game. A game where the players find the pieces of a mummy – and put it back together again.

But each time they play, the game become more and more realistic, leaking dangers into their lives. So when Harry and Amy become trapped in the mummy’s tomb – inside the game – Josh realizes that this is a game like no other. This game is very real. And very deadly.

A trilogy of Egypt adventures with Josh, Amy and Cousin Harry. Now on Kindle 

A great favourite with US children and schools, now in a special Amazon Kindle edition