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Can a single bowman hunt down Hathor-Sekhmet, the Destroyer of Humankind?

The terrible lioness goddess, British Museum

This story first appeared as a tale within a novel in my archaeological adventure thriller 'The Smiting Texts' 

“This tale of an ancient hunter's fate to recapture the goddess of devastation in order to save Egypt is particularly beautiful.” THE TRUTH ABOUT BOOKS 

It is now also released separately as "Hunting Hathor" - a Kindle novella for lovers of mythology, action and ancient romance.

"Great reading". 5 stars, Amazon 


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Eerie and "strangely beautiful" AMAZON KINDLE

Chapter 1

A female mummy from ancient Egypt lay outstretched inside a hospital scanning machine.

The British Museum had brought the mummy to St. Thomas’ Hospital for a non-invasive examination of the body beneath its wrappings.

“We’ll begin by doing the head and neck in two millimetre slices. I’m just relieved that nobody will have to give this patient the bad news that she’s terminal.”

The radiologist had made the joke to bridge the jarring disconnect between ancient death, wrapped up in magical spells, and the modern day machinery of medical imaging. 

The radiation scan - at a dose lethal for the living - blasted through the linen windings. It was like a penetration of sunlight warming the bones after the ache of the desert night.

The machine hummed. A spinning cylinder curved around the mummy’s head like a night sky arching over Egypt.

The sand-dry cells of the body, spread out in an undulating landscape on the CT tray, stirred in a sudden breath.

Life! Resurgent life! It eddied, thickened, mounted in force, blowing, gusting, then blasting through the mummy like a desert sand storm.

She opened one green eye to look out through a small gap in her wrappings.

“Shall we pipe in some comforting music for the patient?” a voice said outside the chamber.

A man laughed.

Her first thought was not a word, but a symbol, the glyph of union between a man and a woman.

That first thought, like the first sunbeam of clarity penetrating into the blackness of a temple sanctuary, pierced the inchoate state of her mind.
The radiation blasts and the flashing had aroused her from her sleep of centuries, but she needed more. She must have the generating fluid of life to begin to restore herself.

A man.

Only a man’s life force could magically start the flow of energy to rebuild the ruined temple of her being.

Am I lying here in the body of Mother Nut, the goddess who held up the sky and stars?


A much harder, metallic place.

She found that she had been swallowed up in the round mouth of a vault-like chamber. Not Nut’s star-lined body, but a gullet, like that of the great serpent of outer darkness and evil, Apophis.

She stirred and the bandages, though finely wrapped, crackled like dry rushes around the length of her high-waisted and long-legged form.

“Vibrations on the screen. Is there construction work going on outside? She just twitched!”

“I certainly hope not!”

Where am I? There was no sweet chanting for her here, nor the soothing shimmer of the sistra rattled by her priestesses and no burning gum of incense from Punt to celebrate her divine aroma.

Instead the cold stink of hospital antiseptic flared her nostrils.

Her supranormal awareness told her that this was not Egypt. It was a green, island place, far from Egypt, across the expanse of the rolling Great Green.

That realisation brought a pang.

But it was nothing like the pang she felt as the first powerful emotion that she had experienced since her ‘night of ointment and bandages’ thousands of years earlier speared through her. She gave a low moan.


Lost to me!

Isis felt her chest rise in grief, but it felt like heaving dunes of sand and not warm flesh, and there was no moisture to rise to her eyes in tears, just a trickle of dust disturbed by her moving eyelashes.

“This is unusual. The skull shows no sign of being emptied and packed with linen…”

“She’s very early period. Her mummy case is simple and severe, the earliest typological style,” the voice of a young female Egyptologist explained. “She was obviously named in honour of the goddess Isis, an extremely ancient deity…”

A beeping alarm cut across her voice and the scanner machine plunged into darkness and so did the room.

“What’s happened?”

“Power outage.”

“Our own auxiliary generator will kick in.”

It did. Immediately. The light and the whirring resumed.

“Back on stream. But it might be wise to pause and continue this later to be safe. We’ll bring her out of here temporarily and resume when the glitch is over. If we’re quick, the tea will still be hot in the hospital cafeteria.”

She felt her body moving, being dragged out of the gullet along the sliding CT tray, vibrating under her back, and she came out through the round mouth of the scanner into a wider space.

Then the hospital’s back-up power died too and the room now swarmed with darkness again. As black as the tomb.

“Curses!” a voice said.

“Is that an imprecation or an explanation,” the CT operator said.

An uneasy chuckle.

“Anybody got a pencil light? Where’s a GP when you need one?”

“Come, this way, folks. Follow my voice. I can find the cafeteria in the dark.”

She heard footsteps retreating.

Osiris. I will begin a new journey for you.

I, Isis, Great of Magic, will rise and search for you – for your remains, your pieces, even the atoms of your dust - and through the power of my magic I will restore you.

Isis renewed the vow of a new cycle, a cycle that the Egyptians believed took place every 5,000 years and that had now been re-activated by a blast of twenty-first century radiation.

But first, she must revive herself and that meant seeking the life force.

She gave a dusty croak and writhed like a serpent sloughing its skin, snapping the rotting bonds that held her limbs against her body and her legs together. She sat up, as slowly as the ancient ceremony of the raising of the Djed pillar.

She rocked and swung stiff legs over the side of the tray. The knees would not bend, so she slid the rest of the way stiffly to the floor.

The feet of Isis touched earth again.

Now walk.

The thin bones in her feet cracked like breaking tubes of glass. Gingerly she took one step and then another, shuffling out of the CT suite into the big city hospital, in darkness.

Isis walked the earth again.

Note "The Egyptian Mythology Murders" is now a series.
"The Obelisk Prophecy" is on Amazon Kindle and NOW ALSO IN NEW PAPERBACK 

In a break from writing fiction, an uninvited wave of poetry

Pretty much as it came

‘The Wave’

The wave came in like breaking news,

Cast broad upon the shore

What language did an ocean use,

in its urgent, surging roar?

The wash ran up the beach to me

A hiss of salty spray

Out of blue infinity,

what did the message say?

Again I heard the ocean’s pound,

And swirling voices sound...

“All life turns to sorrow

If not today, tomorrow, 

So be as constant as the wave

Be loving - and be brave”

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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Ancient Egyptian god Thoth as a baboon and an ibis

As a sedulous ape (Louvre)
As a punctilious ibis (Luxor)

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

I have a complicated relationship with time

Time and the fallen Rameses

As one who loves and writes about an ancient civilization, Egypt, I suppose I have a complicated relationship with time.

I love what time has left, but hate what it takes.

Time is not a friend.

Time is not a father.

Time is a thief. 
Time is the currency we are all born with, yet from the moment we are born it is being stolen away from us.
Time is the gift that keeps taking.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Mystery and psychological "PIECES OF EGYPT" fiction


A young mother's puzzle, a boy who seems to have memories of the ancient past

“I remember Egypt,” the boy said gravely. “Long, long ago.”

Her little boy Cooper was gorgeous, she thought, but his imagined past life could be a bit hard to take. Especially at 8.30 in the morning, when she was busy having a this-life crisis, running late for work and her eight-year old was about to miss his school bus.

Then young single-mother Catherine meets a past life researcher and also a mysterious Egyptologist Simon Priestly and she and Cooper are off to Egypt on an extraordinary quest to follow a young boy’s dreams… or are they actual memories of the ancient past?

What will they find and what will Catherine find as she warms to the impressive British Egyptologist as they uncover a shattering secret from Egypt’s past?

Disturbing and intriguing adventure fiction with a twist of the unknown.

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"TOY EGYPT." Yet these little wooden soldiers were anything but toys!

Fantasy adventure (Roy Pond, Amazon paperback and Kindle)
'Toy' in the title is intentionally ironic.

Ancient Egypt's Valleys of hidden wonder...

Valley of the Kings
Western Valley

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How a paper-book loving, Egypt fiction author Evolved to E-books

Original launch in print. 
Amazon print
Amazon Kindle

My evolution to ebooks is just about complete

 I never thought I'd think it, let alone say it. 

I'm sold on e-books, in every sense.

While I sell fiction in both forms, I get far more satisfaction and sales from selling my series of ancient Egypt adventure thrillers in e-book form than in paperbacks.

Maybe I'm just over the dead-tree technology of paper publishing.

There's something alive and immediate about e-books that breathes new life into reading - and being read.

E-books are fresh - they avoid the glacial slowness of book publishing and literary agencies. E-books seem to me to be the perfect medium for capturing and sharing the quicksilver nature of ideas.

Yet, ironically, there is a permanence about e-books that paper, and even papyrus, could never achieve. 

E-books don't go out of print, either. They are forever. 

They don't yellow, fade, gather mildew, dust and eventually rot.
In fact there is some of the permanence about e-books that I admire in the ancient Egyptian civilization itself.

So for me it's the perfect way to bring ancient Egypt to life for my readers.

The OBELISK Prophecy. New issue

 Amazon Kindle








They stretch into the skies of Egypt and internationally – in London, New York, The Vatican - seats of global financial, political and religious power, as well as in Rome, Florence, Paris, Instanbul…

Obelisks, petrified rays of the sun, stood as symbols of sun worship. They also symbolised the missing phallus of the Egyptian god Osiris, the most potent talisman in ancient mythology according to Freemasonry and esoteric teachings.

The devil god Seth, brother, enemy and murderer, cut the body of Osiris into fourteen pieces, throwing his phallus into the Nile and scattering the rest throughout Egypt. The loving consort of Osiris, Isis, went in search of them and recovered every part except one.

TOY EGYPT: Wooden tomb soldiers in a breakout from the museum...

Fantasy adventure (Roy Pond, Amazon paperback and Kindle)

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Which obelisk in the world holds the key to saving civilization? THE OBELISK PROPHECY

The unusual young team of Jennefer, a curator and Jon, an arts and antiquities policeman are back together in ‘The Obelisk Prophecy”.

The exciting new follow-up to ‘The Egyptian Mythology Murders’.

Mysterious Egyptian obelisks are potent symbols that pierce the skies around the world. London, New York, The Vatican…

But now one represents the key to solving a world disaster.

Working against secret enemies they must find and penetrate the secret of the one obelisk on earth that holds the clue that could save the earth turning to dust in a global dust storm.

Friday, May 6, 2016

NOTE TO READERS: If you’ve enjoyed reading ‘The Egyptian Mythology Murders’, I'd welcome your...

A NOTE TO READERS:  If you’ve enjoyed reading ‘The Egyptian Mythology Murders’, I would welcome your star ranking and maybe a quick review on the Amazon site (or on Goodreads). You’re helping readers and authors!

Recently FREE on Amazon Kindle

Ancient Egypt (fiction) that gives you permission to believe.

Permission to believe... the appeal of ancient Egypt adventure mystery and suspense...

Want to believe? The Roy Lester Pond collection on Amazon Kindle

KINDLE OFFERINGS that "bring ancient Egypt to life."

Fiction with a refreshing twist of ancient Egypt (see side bar)>

Ancient Egypt and the romance of the Old Africa...

Is there a lost statue of Queen Hatshepsut in Africa's wilds?
Egypt in Africa

It's common to think of ancient Egypt as somehow existing in a geographic bubble, but having lived much of my life in central and southern Africa, I feel a strong sense of Africa in Egypt and yes, a sense of Egypt in the rest of Africa.

As my fictional archaeologist and Egyptologist Anson Hunter remarks:

“Intriguingly, Hatshepsut sent a carved stone statue of herself to the distant land of Punt,” Anson said, “and I’ve often pictured it sitting somewhere, a milky stone queen of Egypt dreaming in the African bush, perhaps sparking legends of a white queen in darkest Africa. I read too much Rider Haggard as a child.”

See the Egypt archaeological adventure collection

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Children who remember past lives - what do you think? See this new EGYPT NOVEL.

Hard to just shrug away
Cases of children who remember something they could have no knowledge of - here's an article. It's something especially hard to dismiss in very young children.

For an ancient Egypt take on this phenomenon, see my novel PIECES OF EGYPT...

Amazon Kindle

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New story 'Cruise at the End of Time' in the "Window on Eternity" collection. (Egypt and the End Times?)

The End Times - what a time for a group on an Egypt and The Holy Land tour...

Short fiction.

A Nile cruise boat, a group of passengers on an Egypt and The Holy Land Tour... a time like none other.

It is the time when Messiahcam, a video-feed trained on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem, sees a phenomenon.

The Temple Mount in Jerusalem splits in an earthquake, just as scripture predicted…

What do the next twenty-four hours mean to a group of talented and ambitious people who once had great futures ahead of them?

And what secret is their mysterious tour leader, a famous apocalyptic preacher, keeping from them?

Mysterious apocalyptic short fiction.