Tuesday, May 10, 2016

How a paper-book loving, Egypt fiction author Evolved to E-books

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My evolution to ebooks is just about complete

 I never thought I'd think it, let alone say it. 

I'm sold on e-books, in every sense.

While I sell fiction in both forms, I get far more satisfaction and sales from selling my series of ancient Egypt adventure thrillers in e-book form than in paperbacks.

Maybe I'm just over the dead-tree technology of paper publishing.

There's something alive and immediate about e-books that breathes new life into reading - and being read.

E-books are fresh - they avoid the glacial slowness of book publishing and literary agencies. E-books seem to me to be the perfect medium for capturing and sharing the quicksilver nature of ideas.

Yet, ironically, there is a permanence about e-books that paper, and even papyrus, could never achieve. 

E-books don't go out of print, either. They are forever. 

They don't yellow, fade, gather mildew, dust and eventually rot.
In fact there is some of the permanence about e-books that I admire in the ancient Egyptian civilization itself.

So for me it's the perfect way to bring ancient Egypt to life for my readers.