Tuesday, June 7, 2016

New paperback edition THE HERO VIRUS

Why would a mysterious earth assailant plant reckless courage in the population instead of fear?

First on Kindle, now in paperback.

it was amazing

Hero Virus

GOODREADS: "THE HERO VIRUS" “5 stars for being so different from other apocalypse books."

“What an interesting story. Reading their blogs and each viewpoint was unique. I felt like I was with them on their journey.”
 New paperback edition - AMAZON

An Australian outback escape novel, an RV motorhome, a world apocalypse - "THE HERO VIRUS"

An ex-Afghanistan war hero with PTSD takes his family on a flight into South Australia's heart... racing to find sanctuary in a unique underground town called Coober Pedy.

What is the mysterious meteorite landing in the desert landscape of Woomera, South Australia, the largest missile testing range on earth. 

THE HERO VIRUS is a new world where the population is infected by courage, shutting down the cautionary switch in the brain, but only a frightened hero is still immune.

The US President addresses America:

I switched on the radio to calm my nerves.

It was a sound grab from the United States… a Presidential address.

The swell of the national anthem inflated the long open space of the RV like pressure in a balloon.

The words held a chilling irony.

O, say, can you see?
by the dawn's early light?
what so proudly we hailed, at the twilights least gleaming.
whose broad stripes and bright stars,
through the perilous night,
oe'r the ramparts we watched, were so gallantly streaming.
and the rockets red glare, the bombs bursting in air,
gave proof through the night, that our flag was still there.
o, say, does the star spangled banner yet wave?
for the land of the free, and the home of the brave!

Home of the brave...

A male voice announced the President, who spoke after a pause.

“My fellow Americans, today our nation truly is the home of the brave, not just in name, but also in action.

Today our air and naval forces launched simultaneous strikes on the nuclear facilities of North Korea, Iran and Pakistan.

No longer will we tolerate fear, pacification and appeasement.

We are strong, we are brave and we are determined no longer to tolerate rogue states that threaten us. Furthermore we have put on notice the silent enablers of chaos, China and Russia, to desist in their support of lawless regimes or suffer the consequences.

America has never been stronger. America has never been braver.

Our economy and stock market are on a high and show record levels of confidence… we have nothing to fear, but fear itself. God Bless America, home of the brave.”

I stabbed the radio button, switching it off.

‘It’s all going to crash,” I said.

“The economy?” Belinda said.


“It’s about time we stopped pussyfooting around tyrants,” she said.

“Yeah, sock it to them!” the kids cheered on their mum from the back.

I despaired.

How could I, a frightened has-been hero, protect my family in a world infected by courage, a world where the brave ended up dead?

A movement on the side of the road snagged my eye. Oh no.

A Highway Dancer.

A woman stepped out onto the highway and my hands froze on the steering wheel. Before I could swerve, she skipped out of our path, coming to a stop on a painted demarcation line as our RV shaved her body, the wind of our passing raking her hair and dress.

“Wow, she’s good,” my pre-teen daughter Tash said. “I wonder if I could do that?”

“You’re never going to try.”

Human road kill.

The remains of Highway Dancers littered the roadsides, food for crows...

THE HERO VIRUS - Amazon Kindle (and now also paperback)