Saturday, September 24, 2016

E.BOOK EVOLUTION. Today's trend from paper to 'Living e-books' is selling a long-dead civilization in fiction

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Why today I prefer my ancient Egypt E-fiction to the 'dead-tree technology' of printed books... (though I still love, and am eternally indebted to, print)

I never thought I'd say it.

While I sell fiction in both forms, I get far more satisfaction from selling my series of ancient Egypt adventure thrillers in e-book form than in paperbacks.

Print version

Maybe I'm just over the dead-tree technology of paper publishing. 

Used copies of 50 Shades build a fort in a 2nd hand bookstore - how many trees died in the making of this picture?

There's something alive and immediate about e-books that breathes new life into reading - and being read.

E-books are fresh, for a start - they avoid the glacial slowness of book publishing and literary agencies. E-books seem to me to be the perfect medium for capturing and sharing the quicksilver nature of ideas.

Yet, ironically, there is a permanence about e-books that paper, and even papyrus, could never achieve. 

E-books don't go out of print, either. They are forever. 

They don't yellow, fade, gather mildew, dust and eventually rot.

You can read in the dark, don't need to angle that bedside lamp just right.

You can live a mobile life and have your books.

They don't smell like books, true, but neither do they smell of dust.

In fact there is some of the permanence about e-books that I admire in the ancient Egyptian civilization itself.

So for me it's the perfect way to bring a long dead civilization to life for my readers.