Thursday, September 8, 2016

"OPEN THIS BOOK and you will possess the powers of earth, sky, and the gods themselves..." Fiction, 'The Ibis Apocalypse'

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Third in the series of Egyptology adventure mystery thrillers after 'The Smiting Texts' and 'The Hathor Holocaust'...

WARNING: “Open this book and you will possess the powers of the earth, sky and the gods themselves...”

The Book of Thoth, Egypt’s god of magic, is the most dangerous source of esoteric texts ever written.

Anson Hunter, controversial alternative Egyptologist and theorist, is obsessed with locating it before the wrong people get hold of it.

The texts bring frightening power but also a terrible backlash. Twice in history the contents have come to light – the first time in the reign of Rameses the Great, linked with the Plagues of Egypt and the suffering of the Hebrews, and in 1939 when a German Egyptologist took rubbings of the stone texts to Hitler’s Germany before the horrors of World War II.

Israeli Intelligence and its allies in the USA become alarmed when the Destiny Stela threatens to break into history once again. As they are all too aware, the Stela of Destiny is the Holy Grail for organisations and conspirators with dangerous political and religious agendas, both in the USA and in Europe.

Anson embarks on an investigation, pursued by enemies and shadowed by striking Israeli Mossad agent Zara Margolin and suspicious Egyptian authorities, in a hunt that covers USA, UK and secret archaeological sites in Egypt.

‘The Ibis Apocalypse’ is a danger-fraught adventure that unfolds against the background of ancient Egypt’s enthralling legend and mythology.