Wednesday, October 12, 2016

IMHOTEP, alien in his genius. What secrets would his tomb hold?

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The Ufologist said. "Some are convinced that Imhotep was the original ancient alien. Don’t you think that there is something a bit alien about the imp-like figures of Imhotep in the world’s museums, showing him as a tiny sage seated on a chair with a scroll across his knee and his elongated skull extruded inside a skullcap? Then there is the curious meaning of his name. Imhotep means ‘The one who comes in peace.’ Isn’t that canonically the message communicated by friendly, and sometimes deceptive, visitors from the stars, in countless science fiction stories and movies… ‘we come in peace’?”

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With his luminous intelligence, thousands of years ahead of his time, Imhotep must have appeared as a being who had dropped out of the sky to early generations… designer and builder of the first great monument in stone, the step pyramid, deified after his death and revered by the later Greeks and Romans. 

All this and Imhotep fathered medicine, was considered a wizard, governed as Vizier and held high sacred office...
It was also said that Imhotep’s father was the creator god Ptah and his mother was the sky goddess Nut...