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Unravel 2 mythology/mummy novels on Amazon Kindle


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(New edit issue. Sept 2017.)

An Egyptian archaeology dig, 'impossible' warnings sent through the layers of time.
Was there a Ra-virus? An Aten Scourge?
Is a vanished archaeology team member trapped in Egypt’s ancient past during an age of terror – and sending warning messages to today?
‘WARNING! ANCIENT GLOBAL THREAT…’ the graffiti message appears in a newly found Egyptian tomb, along with a modern biohazard symbol.
What mysterious plague has hit the population of Egypt in the reign of Pharaoh Amenhotep III and his young co-regent, the sun-struck Akhenaten? Why is it seen as a judgement by the angry sun god Ra?
Lucas, a physician and World Health Organisation expert on pandemics, must find its source and the antidote in time to save the ancient past and the future.
Especially when his lover, the lustrous Italian-born Egyptologist Giulietta, is exposed to the deadly contagion. Can he warn her in time and save her and can they ever hope to be reunited?

“Roy Lester Pond joins my favourite Egypt authors like Christian Jacq.”

“A furious pace keeps the reader engrossed.”- Goodreads


Wrapped in the 'Tresses of Nephthys' and the magical 'Knotted Cords of Isis'


“Then am I a Helpless One?”

A mummy, a dried up husk? An empty chrysalis after life had escaped like a moth.

“Far from helpless. You are a being magically transformed, raised from death into new power,” the ministering priest said, “for like the god Osiris, your body was wrapped in the Tresses of Nephthys, the magical bandages of linen woven on a sacred loom by the goddess Nephthys, sister of Isis. And over those wrappings, you wear a magical outer band woven by the Queen of Heaven herself. The magical Knotted Cords of Isis... the cord that links life to death. An ancestor of demigods, you are a weapon that was laid to rest until Egypt had need to raise you again like a sheathed sword as the oracles foretold. And now is such a time of need. I, Ra-Hotep, First Prophet of Holy Ra raise you in Ra’s light to wage a great and holy battle against a new enemy.”


“A vile foreign power, the Hyksos, Asiatic Rulers of Foreign Lands, have occupied Egypt with plans of an empire. They seek to plunder Egypt’s forbidden treasure of secrets for themselves - and you alone can stop them...”


"I, THE MUMMY". NEW Release - on Amazon Kindle now

Awakened after a thousand years in a tomb sanctuary filled with weapons...
The Ancient Defender arises to fight against a ruthless oppressor.

The Hyksos have seized Egypt at a time of weakness following the Middle Kingdom, overpowering all with their superior technology of chariots, hardened bronze weapons and compound bows.

And they are now plundering Egypt for its forbidden secrets of power.

Can ancient history’s most unlikely hero stop them and resurrect a divided land before the Hyksos can gain Egypt’s most powerful and dangerous secret of all?
New release on AMAZON KINDLE

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Enter the doorways of mystery through Egypt fiction....

Roy Lester Pond fiction collection - on Amazon Kindle

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The Egyptian Exhibition Murders

Amazon Kindle - 3rd in Trilogy

When a new blockbuster ancient Egyptian exhibition arrives, mysterious events and a string of killings soon follow.
The investigative team of Jennefer, a curator, and Jon a police antiquities detective, must track down the shocking truth in a hidden underworld beneath the city - and discover a shocking secret from ancient Egypt, linked to a modern day conspiracy that takes its impetus from the ancient past.

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Power Couple, Ancient Egypt 4th Dynasty Style

Ranofer and Nofret (Egyptian Museum, Cairo)

Material: Painted Limestone Rahotep (CG 3)
Size: Height: 121 cm
Nofret (CG 4)
Size: Height: 122 cm
Location: Medum, Mastaba of Rahotep
Excavation: A. Mariette's Excavations of 1871
Period: 4th Dynasty, Reign of Sneferu (2575-2551 BC)

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Amarna ECLIPSE plays a pivotal part in "TOMB RAIDERS FROM TOMORROW"

Interesting article about the AMARNA ECLIPSE HERE

Action adventure on AMAZON KINDLE is set in the reigns of Amenhotep and son Akhenaten

Could total eclipses presage something for pharaohs... and maybe presidents?
Just thinking...

Men's action adventure "The SARCOPHAGUS"


Adventure, mystery, fantasy. A coded ‘resurrection machine’ revives an age of adventure.

In the modern age, Ryder an archaeologist in Egypt discovers a mysterious empty sarcophagus in a tomb. Then his Egyptologist partner Janet goes missing.

He vows to go after her, even if it means journeying across the boundaries of reason and existence. Ahead of Ryder and his dog lies a pre-dynastic realm of myth: the mysterious Mistress of the Bow and Ruler of Arrows, the evil Lord Seth, legions of animal-headed creatures, the venerable bird-man, the child Horus. And key to it all is the quest for the magical amulets of power. A life-and-death struggle is on at the edge of time. And the universe watches - and waits...

If you enjoy action adventure also look into

And Dynasty Zero

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Egyptian Mythology Murders Trilogy

The team: An antiquities detective and a young curator Egyptologist are in kindred professions... investigating mysteries and chimeras that come from the ancient past.

ATOMIC weapons of the ancients? Ancient Egyptian curses, execration or smiting texts...

An ingenious alternative Egyptologist called in to battle unseen dangers from the ancient past. (8 book series, Amazon)

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KA. History’s First Egyptologist, a traveller out of time Kindle Edition

Did the mysterious KA statue of Khaemwaset in the British Museum hide a secret?

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Think "X-FILES meets THE MUMMY" - Egypt investigative fiction series on Amazon

An unusual investigative team investigates the far from usual

 Think "X-FILES meets THE MUMMY" -  Egypt investigative fiction series (Amazon)

It began with 'The Egyptian Mythology Murders', now a trilogy.

A team in kindred professions, a young female Egyptologist curator and an antiquities policeman team up to battle monsters and chimeras from our nightmares.

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The animal-headed demigod cascaded into a fleeing goat in a series of fluttering images...

(Ancient action - excerpt from DYNASTY ZERO on Amazon Kindle)
I turned to stone in the alley, along with the small girl beside me.

The khepesh-wielding demigod, with the body of old Pewero at his feet, fixed his eyes on me, at first human eyes like coals, then changing to the slivered pupils of a ram’s eyes in an animal’s head.

He was a broad-shouldered man with a ram’s head and spiral horns, yet the head of the ram kept burning and twisting into the visage of a man with a stubby beard.

Forever in a state of flux, the demon demigods were Lords of Manifestation, half-man and half-god. Born out of the licentiousness of the Neteru and the gods’ attraction to the beauty of the daughters of humankind, the Divine Misbegotten were a distortion of everything that was god and man. Because they were man and neter in equal measures, a civil war raged in their blood and their beings were locked and twisted in a perpetual struggle.

He raised his sickle-sword to strike at us.

This jolted me into action and I put an arrow to the bow. I saw fear invade the ram’s eyes as I bent the bow, drew the fletching to the anchor point of my chin and took aim.

A black, fleeing goat came bolting helter-skelter between the houses, its hooves flying. I glimpsed its darting shape from the corner of my eye and he saw it too. And then, before the command to release the arrow raced to my fingers on the bowstring, I saw the demigod shift. He cascaded from his human form towards the form of the running goat. This shift was said to be an action so fast that it was invisible to men, yet I saw it happen in a series of fluttering images.

I swung the bow and released the arrow, not at the demigod, but ahead of the fluttering images, leading my target. My arrow struck the goat high in the chest. Its forelegs crumpled without the creature giving a bleat, but now I saw the goat quiver and the demigod shifted again, this time departing the fallen goat and fluttering back towards his body. A cascade of images returned to the wall to manifest in a startled soldier who fell with a cry. My arrow pierced his body just above his armour padding.

The little girl at my side shrank against me.

A group of three attackers came upon us...

"EGYPT TRAP" Modern day crime mystery with a twist of ancient Egypt


The job: keep an eye on a mysteriously obsessed young wife visiting the archaeology sites of Egypt? How hard could that be?

A damaged ex-detective is hired to shadow a girl on a trip to Egypt…

Is she leading him step by step into a murder conspiracy and the mystery of a lost ancient Egyptian queen?

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Gameplaying with Death in the Underworld "VIRTUAL EGYPT" Sci-fi action adventure

Virtual reality or real hell? AMAZON KINDLE fiction


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Fiction on Amazon Kindle

In the field of ancient civilizations, the word 'visitors' meant one thing to Egyptologist Rebecca Landers.
The controversial theory about the enigma of Egypt and its advanced technological achievements.
Then came the surprising evidence... and a threat to the world.
Suddenly she and her team were called on to span two worlds on a dangerous archaeological quest like no other.
Only they had the power to save history and the future.

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Ancient Egyptian archers - they never imagined a modern bow could strike from such a range

Egypt action adventure fiction "THE SARCOPHAGUS" (AMAZON KINDLE)

"They are coming," Neith said in a low voice. "Two of them, very fast."

The group had just passed a big outcrop of rock and faced a bare stretch of plain. Ryder stopped and peered into the gloom. The dark silhouettes of twin-horsed chariots were running an oblique line towards them, throwing up ribbons of dust. Ryder was struck at once by their speed. Demon charioteers, she had said. They were certainly traveling at demonic speed.

But then the Egyptian chariot was a lightning fast and deadly weapon. Egyptian innovation had taken the cumbersome Aryan invention and made them skeletal, lighter and infinitely more nimble and they ran between two horses at breathtaking speed so that they became high-speed launching platforms for the missiles of their occupants - arrows and spears.

Ryder handed his shoulder bag of food and water to Janet and slipped his composite bow off his shoulder.

He took two broadhead alloy arrows and kept one arrow in readiness in his hand, while nocking the other to the bowstring.

He drew the arrow to the anchor point at his chin. 
Ryder felt that unique convergence of senses that the marksman knows. The world reduced to his target. Their place on the horizon and the line his arrow would take, bisected like cross-hairs. He felt the space that lay between them, swept the emptiness like radar and then searched for the solidity of the target. His senses computed distance, windage, the speed of his assailants.

He had chosen the charioteer on the left, the one with the jackal head. He felt all these factors converge down and down to the point of an arrow.

He released.

They were around three hundred yards away and couldn't imagine themselves to be under threat yet. Egyptian bows had a range of around two hundred yards at best. The arrow blurred across the gap...

Archaeology, ancient history action and adventure with the mystery of Egypt

On Amazon Kindle

ACTION HISTORY > ADVENTURE THRILLERS with the twist of Egypt mystery