Thursday, February 2, 2017

Did Nefertiti come to Egypt as a princess from Anatolia? (i.e. Mitanni or modern Turkey)

Her name Nefertiti means 'the beautiful one has come'
Out There.  A recent report
A snapshot of the 'secret discovery' in Turkey

Don't know what you make of this reported 'Akenaten Discovery' that reports a cache found in modern day Turkey with links to Nefertiti and the suggestion that she fled there upon the collapse of the Amarna experiment.

Yet interestingly, early Egyptology scholars were firm in their belief that Nefertiti, whose name Egyptian name means 'the beautiful one has come', hailed from the land of Mitanni.

I confess as an author I have a love/hate relationship with alternative history theory.

The fictional hero of my Egypt Series, (Anson Hunter, The Smiting Texts etc) is himself a renegade Egyptologist who is routinely ignored by the Egyptology establishment.

Yet he himself has an antipathy to the far 'fringe' of alternative historical theory.

"Many of these alternative history theorists are so far from the mainstream they're out of the bloody river," he is known as saying.

However the Nefertiti story is food for thought. Even if the discovery turns out to be a crock (and not a crock of gold).

Just saying...