Monday, March 13, 2017

"Excellent, intelligently written adventure." 5-star 'THE SMITING TEXTS' iBooks Review

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iBooks Customer Review

Excellent, intelligently written adventure story (5 stars)
I really enjoyed The Smiting Texts. A healthy dose of good old fashioned action adventure among the remains of Ancient Egypt. Very intelligently written. It contains much that is educational about the history of Egyptian culture as it relates to our modern understanding of religion. 


Are there unseen dangers from the ancient past, and can they be re-activated today?

A clash of superpowers - ancient Egypt and modern America.

Join the renegade Egypotogist and investigator Anson Hunter in a 7-book archaeology adventure thriller series.

Anson Hunter's special knowledge as an alternative theorist may be the key to stopping a catastrophe for America, and for the Western world.