Thursday, September 27, 2012

Young readers rate ancient Egypt fiction children's series - Goodreads

Here is my collection of young Egypt fiction now on Amazon Kindle - published under the name Roy Pond. (My adult fiction uses Roy Lester Pond)

The first in this book set was published in USA as The Mummy's Revenge

Originally published separately as:
Book 1 THE MUMMY's REVENGE... is deadly (Scholastic USA)  (or 'The Mummy Monster Game' in Australia)

4.0 out of 5 stars Totally spooky!!
 Amazon Customer:
“This book is great! This book had me spooked until the very end. I advise against reading it at night unless you're practically fearless.It makes you want to read until the very last word. I don't scare easily, but this book managed to scare me pretty bad. Plus, it's one of those books that you can read and re-read again and again. It's a great, scary book, that pulls you right into the action and doesn't let you out until you finish it. I recommend it to anyone that likes to be scared.”

Book 2 Who knows the secret of... THE MUMMY'S TOMB (USA) (Or 'The Mummy Tomb Hunt' (Australia)

Book 3 'The Mummy Rescue Mission' (Australia)

Little Cousin Harry is really weird, but he is family, so Josh and Amy decide to play along with him. They join Harry in playing a series of totally spooky ancient Egypt computer games.

Trouble is, Harry's games become more and more real and dangers start to leak out of the games into real life and into their lives.
The popular Egypt series - now available in one monster book of three adventures.

“I literally consumed those three books when I read them! I sat and read the books in two days, and even when I wasn't reading them I was thinking about them. Though from memory I distinctly remember The Mummy Monster Game being my favourite, it's safe to say when I read them this time, the last in the series, The Mummy Rescue Mission was my favourite - I could literally feel the desperation Harry, Amy and Harry felt in trying to save Aunt Jillian. I had to keep reading at such a fast pace as though I had to keep up! I like the idea of mixing video games with Egyptology, being that both those things interest me. I'm glad I finally got my hands on these books…. now I can read them as often as I like.”

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Monday, September 24, 2012

Why a female Mummy movie would be scarier

Mummy scariest

I was interested to read (in Geektyrant) that Len Wiseman is to direct a 'darker scarier' version of THE MUMMY for Universal Pictures.

Yet in fact, to the ancient Egyptians, nothing was more scary than the female dead.

Egyptians feared reprisals from the malignant female dead and were at great pains not to offend against them.

Why would the female of the dead species be more deadly - and crankier than the male? 

There is something darker, more poignant and disturbing about the female mummy. 

Do we feel they would be angrier about the crumbling dissolution of their beauty? 

Or do we have a latent fear of female magic and psychic power?

You can meet a truly terrifying, yet curiously engaging female mummy character in THE ISIS MUMMY.

You decide.

Isn't it time for a female mummy (of the ancient Egyptian kind)?

See THE ISIS MUMMY. New (and thousands of years old) on Amazon Kindle

My Ultimate Ancient Egypt Augmented Reality App as an Egypt Fiction Writer

3D Augmented reality: "History virtually restored!"

NOTE: This the original blog idea that I posted a couple of years ago, and now someone has actually done it! (click on this link)

As an author of ancient Egypt fiction, I have this idea for a new app that really appeals to me.  Here's my rough visual/mock-up above

It would work through the gps on your iPhone or iPAD. 

You simply point your device at the ancient ruin and then magically see what it looked like in ancient times... Egypt Now...and Then... in 3D.

Also, you could see the site at other stages of history, for example in Howard Carter's period, or even at the time of early photographers and explorers.

It could really bring history to life and revolutionise travel guides!

I also believe that the "Ancient History Virtually Restored" concept could ultimately roll out from ancient Egypt Now & Then, to Ancient Greece Now & Then, Ancient Rome Now & Then , Ancient Mesoamerica etc etc

For the Egypt App, it would would need 3D artwork impressions to cover a group of popular sites. (Could some of these be accessed under license from existing artist reconstruction artwork as well as new artwork being generated? Don't know.)

Some sites for the App.

The sphinx and pyramid/s

Djoser's Step pyramid complex

Saqqara pyramid fields




Temple of Seti/ Osirieon

Temple of Hathor

The Colossi of Memnon (and of course the vanished temple of Amenhotep behind them.)

Deir el Bahari and gardens


Medinet Habu

Ancient 100-gated Thebes

Karnak (and various temples and features within it, sacred lake etc)

Luxor temple




I have put out some feelers with local app developers, but I think it is a bit outside their scope and so I have got no further.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

What was my inspiration for writing THE EGYPTIAN MYTHOLOGY MURDERS?

THE EGYPTIAN MYTHOLOGY MURDERS is something very different and separate from my fiction series about the renegade Egyptologist Anson Hunter. The protagonists are a regenerating Isis herself and Jennefer, a young female trainee curator at one of the world's most famous museums.

In a sense, it’s fan fiction. I was smitten by Rider Haggard’s ‘She’ as a younger man. 

I guess we all start out life as clean skins and certain books leave indelible marks on us. If that's true, then "She" left me tattooed like the illustrated man.

Does the novel have echoes of "SHE"?

I have always relished the fun of the macabre and can’t resist shows like The Walking Dead and I loved The X-Files. Interestingly, here’s Scully and Mulder with Isis and Osiris.

Isis and Osiris, two deities at the centre of my novel

Hopefully I’ve put a new spin on the mummy mythos with THE EGYPTIAN MYTHOLOGY MURDERS.

I hoped to make THE EGYPTIAN MYTHOLOGY MURDERS an emotional and engagingly human read and I was pleased to hear my editor describe the book as “quirky, fascinating and unexpectedly beautiful…” adding, “I really liked Isis and found myself rooting for her, in spite of her actions and dreading the possible consequences of her achieving her goal of returning the Death God Osiris to the world and unleashing catastrophe!”

This book is no doubt quirky. In one scene, the regenerating Isis actually Googles herself, and that has to be a first!

In Hollywood movie speak, I’d have to describe THE EGYPTIAN MYTHOLOGY MURDERS, as:

‘SHE’ meets ‘THE MUMMY’(the movies and Anne Rice novel) and the X-FILES and THE WALKING DEAD, with, bizarrely perhaps, a  touch of ROMAN HOLIDAY thrown in, except this novel is set in London. Many of the scenes take place in The British Museum, a place I love to haunt. (My other favourite museums are The Egyptian Museum in Cairo, The Louvre in Paris and The Metropolitan in New York.)

Much of my novel is built around The British Museum

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A threat from an esoteric ancient Egypt weapon? Did US Intelligence paranoia go this far?

Ancient Egypt and the danger of the unknown

The Homeland man, whose name was Bloem, shrugged, moving mountains under the shoulders of his coat.
“That’s on a need-to-know basis, I’m afraid.”
“I need to know. What exactly am I looking for?”
“We need you to join us in a race to stop a strike against us by some ancient and unknown weapon, or maybe to uncover something that may be masked as a symbolic threat. The term ‘smiting’ has been used. This weapon will be used against America especially, but also threatens our Western allies.”
Anson whistled. “The smiting of America! Using the ultimate dirty bomb. That’s unfair. You knew that would get my interest…” It did more than interest him. It electrified him. Were they serious? Did Intelligence community paranoia go this far? Maybe I’m not the only one, after all, who has respect for unseen realities.
Suddenly, as he went with that thought, a lifetime of theoretical abstraction collided in a blinding flash with the real world of national interests, conflict, geopolitics and the whole damned thing. Here was a real-world enterprise that an outsider like him could only have dreamt about, and, irradiating it all was the vision like the Holy Grail of some kind of validation at the end.
Was it possible that he might not have to gnash his teeth in outer darkness forever, after all?
Excerpt, The Smiting Texts, first in the Anson Hunter Egypt adventure series

Monday, September 10, 2012

German archaeology discovers the dangerous Stone Book of Thoth - The Ibis Apocalypse

Egyptology display, Berlin Museum, maps, period photos, field notebooks

Chapter 1
Berchtesgaden, Austrian Alps, 1939
THE REICHSFUEHRER of the SS, Himmler, made the introductions.
The newly arrived German Egyptologist, ushered into Hitler’s presence, felt terror grip his heart. Suddenly he understood how the ancients felt when they found themselves in the presence of pharaoh and ‘no longer knew whether they were alive or dead’.
The Fuehrer might have been dressed for a hunt or a climb in the mountains, but for the fact that he suffered from vertigo and could barely bring himself to look down at the heart-stopping views beyond the windows of his chalet.
Hitler regarded the archaeologist as if fitting him to a template in his mind.
Freshly returned from fieldwork in Egypt, Manfried Faltinger had come here by urgent request to see the Chancellor at his ‘Eagle's Nest’ mountain retreat at Berchtesgaden, high up in the Alps of the Austrian border.
The room filled with silence like air pressure, relieved only by the ticking of a Bavarian clock that split tiny cracks in the silence. It was a surprisingly optimistic and airy room decorated by the Fuehrer himself. Arrangements of cut flowers with starbursts of edelweiss, his favourite flower, freshened the chalet and eighteenth century German furniture, his passion, glowed in the room, which included a long table cleared for the occasion.
“You have brought the power of the ages with you, Herr Faltinger?”
Faltinger swallowed and heard his own voice reply.
“Ja, Mein Fuehrer. Paper rubbings taken by my own hand from the original Stela of Destiny.”
“Reveal it.”
The weasel-faced Heinrich Himmler, a devotee of the mystical and the esoteric, now gestured to the long table.
Faltinger brought the clear perspex tube out from under his arm. He unscrewed the end and gently began to tip the roll of paper forward before moving towards the table.
The Chancellor held out his hands. He wanted to receive and hold the texts himself.
Hitler knew better than most men the power of a book to change the world.
It was a point of pride that he had built his Berghof mountain retreat solely with money from the royalties of Mein Kampf, which at that point had already sold over four and a half million copies, but this was an imprint of the Book of Books, the stone book of Thoth.
Faltinger removed the length of paper rubbings from its tube and placed it gently in the cradle of the Fuehrer’s hands. Did the paper, fine grained and smooth, give a rustling sigh?
Adolf Hitler rocked the Texts of Thoth like a baby and, for a moment, his sharpened, bristled features softened into a fatherly mould. His eyes were moist when he looked up.
“Who else has possessed these words?” he said hoarsely. Faltinger sensed it was no time for small gestures and associations. This was a moment of history. “The author of legend, Thoth, also Prince Khaemwaset, Rameses the Great, and possibly even Alexander the Great.”
The militant prodigals of history were all men of superstition, the Egyptologist had noted. They held a profound belief in the power of fate and of mysterious forces.
Men like Alexander, Napoleon and now Hitler.
“You have translated it?”
There was a challenge in the Chancellor’s voice, as well as eagerness. Faltinger thought he detected a note of anxiety there too. What did the leader want to hear?
“I have made but a small beginning.”

(Excerpt from The Ibis Apocalypse, 3rd in the Egypt adventure fiction series about modern day renegade Egyptologist Anson Hunter)

Monday, September 3, 2012

'Compellingly brought to life in modern day Egypt'* - Egypt adventure series.

The pleasures of ruins... and yet...

My alternative Egyptologist hero, Anson Hunter, says:
“I often wish I could put all of Egypt back, restore every flake of missing pigment in every painted Egyptian face in every fresco in every tomb and every temple relief, to bring back to the touch and the eye all the seductive allure of this civilization. I couldn’t imagine living in a world without Egypt. In fact, there are times when I can hardly live in today’s world, knowing what little of Egypt remains. It seems as vital to me as rainforests to the earth and the prospect of its vanishing forever is more scary than the destruction of trees. Something great and deeply thrilling happened here once.”
(Excerpt from The Smiting Texts, first in the Egypt adventure series) 

* Review, 'Read Between The Lines' 

“Compellingly brought to life in modern day Egypt… The Smiting Texts is a fast paced adventure story that will pull you in and won’t let go, even after you turn the last page.
The Smiting Texts was a very enjoyable read which fans of Indiana Jones and the Stargate franchise would do well to dive into.
Although the book is written in the third person, the reader is only ever exposed to information within the protagonist – ‘alternative Egyptologist Anson Hunter’s - sphere of perception, creating a sense of experience and empathy that draws you in from the start.
I believe Hunter will be a universally likeable lead in that, although the book deals with some controversial ideas, Hunter himself holds no strong opinions that could interfere with the reader’s own involvement in the story. He is equally likeable due to his sarcastic
observations and dry wit as he is due to his agreeable nature..."